4 tips to help you viralize your design

by Juanmi R.

In the community of Faberin, designers and manufacturers coexist contributing all their talent to convert designs into products that can enjoy lovers of design all over the world.

On another occasion, we will talk about small tips that can follow the makers to meet the objective mentioned, however, today we will dedicate this post to give some advice to designers , in order to make easier the moment of upload the designs to Faberin and enhance the viralization of these.

If you are a design lover, this will be interesting for you, and if you are a designer, you can’t miss it! Do you want to know our advice to viralize your designs? Take a look at our recommendations and if you have any different we encourage you to leave a comment.

Model of 'Maggie', a design by Pablo Carballal.

Model of 'Maggie', a design by Pablo Carballal.

1. Create a scalable design.

There are beautiful and very complex designs, others are showing great simplicity. In Faberin, we love designs of all kinds, although there is something that makes the difference between a design that remains in a draft and one that becomes a product, and that factor is that the product is realizable .

By this we mean that this project can be carried out by a maker anywhere in the world. A product with certain measurements, carefully selected materials and good specifications will make it much easier for a manufacturer who has reached it to think “I can make this design”.

The world is full of good ideas from designers, and it is exciting that they can become realities available to those who know how to appreciate them. At the same time, we don’t want to see those ideas not having the necessary information to be put into practice. To avoid designing utopias, develop your ideas to the maximum and create scalable designs for manufacturers.

Workshop of the craftsman Jean-Baptiste Van den Heede.

Workshop of the craftsman Jean-Baptiste Van den Heede.

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2. Explain the story of your design.

Design lovers don’t just buy designs for their quality or style, they buy stories. We are convinced that a project that has taken you time to design is more than a product. In this process of creation, you will have been accompanied by numerous thoughts, feelings, an inspiration on which it has been based, a motive , a objective that you wanted to achieve with it, a idea that you wanted to capture.

A design is loaded with emotions, so it has a story behind it that deserves to be told and that the members of the Faberin community will love to meet.

For all this, it is important that when uploading your designs do not forget to include a description that shows what you want to convey with that product and on what it is based.

Picture of 'Don´t cry', designed by Lenka Kozic.

Picture of 'Don´t cry', designed by Lenka Kozic.

3. Include representative images.

It is nothing new that a picture is worth a thousand words .

The visual conveys a large amount of information that is sometimes difficult to explain with words, which does not mean that this point is more important than the previous one, or vice versa, but that both elements are the perfect combination, they support each other to enhance the design and its virality to be shared.

Understanding this point, you will know that it is essential to have good images associated with your design, but how are quality images? Well, to get an answer to this we must think about what can make a person understand a design that is seeing in two dimensions. Many of the conditions are common sense that are good quality it is essential to show different perspectives of the product to understand how it is in its entirety, place it in a background where it stands out (the white background is totally acclaimed among the designs), try to get the images to have a good lighting , show what is the use of the product in the photo itself, etc… If you need more information about your photographs, go to our post related of our help center.

In short, it will be useful each small contribution to your image that makes it more attractive to the consumer, but let’s not forget one thing, there is something better than an image and that today prevails over everything. It’s about videos, if you have a video about your design or a prototype already converted into a product, upload it to Faberin as well, the result of joining all these factors will be complete and professional.

Part of the Jar collection, designed by David H. Del Valle.

Part of the Jar collection, designed by David H. Del Valle.

4. Sustainable designs are the future.

It is clear that a product can be bought just because it is beautiful, or because of its history as we mentioned before, but there is a characteristic that will mark the future of design in the medium and long term: sustainability .

Our planet is increasingly heading towards not being able to supply us with the type of resources that are currently used by the majority. Pollution, scarcity of raw materials and other factors make a growing part of the population aware of the planet and try to consume sustainable products in the long term so as not to damage the place where we live, or at least to do so to a lesser extent.

At Faberin, we are in favour of this way of life, which represents a philosophy, and so are many of the designers in our community. Some of the contributions in line with this philosophy is the use of biodegradable materials as the plastic ‘PLA’ with which it is made `LoneLamp´ or recurrence in other designs to recycled materials as cardboard.

Since we are a community, our objective is not to place restrictions on designs that are uploaded, and designs of all types of products are welcome, but it does involve a positive point the use of environmentally responsible processes, materials or purposes.

Image of 'Lone Lamp', the biodegradable lamp designed by Javier Mañas.

Image of 'Lone Lamp', the biodegradable lamp designed by Javier Mañas.

These have been our recommendations, did you like them? You can leave a comment expressing your impressions and again, we encourage you to propose more alternatives that help the viralization of designs.
This is the goal, because our passion is to turn designs into products for sale worldwide , and getting anywhere is something that can only be achieved with viralization .
If you are also a designer and would like to upload your designs to our community, now is the time, take the opportunity, start with register at Faberin and design!.

Words by Juanmi R.

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