Fall-winter decoration trends

by Faberin

There has never been a better time than this one; we are living in order to reflect and transform our home into a sanctuary in which we feel 100% at ease. While your personal space should be a reflection of your personality, it’s always a good idea to take inspiration from the latest decorating trends.

Do you need inspiration for your next project? Here are the trends in interior design that will sweep this fall/winter 2020. Keep reading and you will learn tips to incorporate the latest trends in your home this season.

1. Get inspired by nature

This fall/winter 2020/2021 will be characterized by a strong presence of neutral tones inspired by nature. This will be the case of terracotta, beige, camel, and green in all its shades.

2. Get mesh furniture

It already appeared shyly last year and this year he is staying with us for one more season. You will find it, especially in headboards, chairs or lamps. Although it may seem retro, the truth is that it fits in a wide range of styles, from the most rustic or bohemian to the most Scandinavian.

3. Golden details

This is one of the characteristic trends of this season. You can’t stop decorating your house with golden details, but be careful, don’t overdo it! We refer to giving your home a little Art Deco touch that elevates the style of side tables or lamps or chairs, they will be the center of all eyes! The Bankrobber lamp is undoubtedly a success that will look great on your desk. It is inspired by the classic lamp that used to be found on the table of bankers, lawyers, or accountants, and among the characteristics of this brass lamp stands out the shape of its head that exaggerates its frontal inclination, sharpening the gesture towards what it shines as the beak of a bird. The name of this unique lamp comes from the song Bankrobber by The Clash and is a tribute from its creator, Pablo Carballal, to those who want to light up their loot after a well-done hit.

4. Handcrafted elements

Gone are the days when craftsmanship had no place in a modern, urban home. It has become part of the decoration, blending in with any style, since it has managed to modernize without losing its essence.


This artisan trend reflects the need to go back to basics and to value the little things and authenticity. With items ranging from basketry using plant fibers to pottery and ceramics, some of these items are sure to find a place in your home this season.

5. Decoration in slow mode

Not only our lifestyle has been affected by a coronavirus, but we have also come to consider our consumption habits. A trend that seeks to move away from the superfluous and the ostentatious to stay only in the essential, enjoying the simple things produced in an ethical way. A trend that will help you feel even more comfortable in your own home.

6. Vegetal fibers

As we have commented previously, we will see this part of the artisan trend reflected in rugs, flower pots, and wall accessories. If before they were the exclusive property of the summer, this season they will stay with us a little longer. Fibers such as rattan, wicker, or bamboo adapt to all decorative styles and provide a cozy and fresh touch that every home needs.

7. Curly wool

One of the trends that Pinterest has conquered this last year, it has become a trend at the forefront of the decorative scene. It is a must if you want to get a warm and cozy touch. You will find it in all kinds of textiles, from blankets and cushions to sofas and rugs. It is available in all colors, but the one that has conquered us for its elegance is off-white.

8. Give your furniture an echo touch

The sustainability trend is becoming more than just a trend. Natural furniture, produced locally and from organic crops, sneaks into our homes to establish itself as a whole lifestyle that has come to stay. We include in this category textiles with certifications that guarantee that they have been manufactured with sustainably grown raw materials, reclaimed wood, and other recycled materials, such as the biodegradable thermoplastics in our Chignon lamp. This lamp is made with 3D printing technology and is inspired by the Chignon bun, in which the hair is tied at the nape of the neck, leaving the bun on the top of the head.

9. Walls with personality

Whether with trim or wallpaper, forget about drab walls for a while. Wood paneling and geometric designs also come strong. It is clear that the walls have become an active part of the decoration of any home. If you dare, you can mix different walls in the same room; for example, a wall with wallpaper and the other smooth walls.

10. Velvet is always a good idea

This majestic fabric already entered our homes several seasons ago, and this 2020-2021 season was not going to be less. This soft fabric once again floods our spaces, dressing them with elegance. You can take advantage of an upholstered armchair with which you do not know what to do;)

How is the coronavirus pandemic affecting trends this year?

If the pandemic has helped us all and spending months confined to our homes, it has begun to have a completely different relationship with our homes. We are now more concerned than ever about feeling comfortable, as this directly influences our mood. If you also have a garden or terrace, you are in luck! They have undoubtedly become an extension of the house, and as such, the perfect place to have breakfast in the morning or to have a glass of wine after work.

Words by Faberin

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