Fablabs: The secret of its success in the world of design

by Laura S.

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Since the beginning of Faberin, we have thought it appropriate to highlight the importance of the Fablab, i.e. the digital manufacturing workshop for personal use. This space is reserved for the production of physical objects on a personal or local scale and groups together machines that operate controlled by computers.
The main functionality of the Fablab lies in its strong link with society, something that positions it above industry.

Main characteristics of a Fablab

Fab Labs is a global network of local labs that encourage creativity by providing individuals with digital manufacturing tools.

Anyone can use the Fablab to make almost anything, so its access is totally unlimited, sharing its use with other users. One of the best known Fablab is the Fab lab Tulsa, a place where maker education is taken advantage of. This teaching is based on projects with air of progress and learning among the same users, as they contribute to their own documentation and instruction.

On the other hand, the users are responsible for maintaining the safety of the machines and their own work; for the cleaning of the laboratory, for the operations contributing to the maintenance, repair and monitoring of the tools according to the needs and incidents that arise throughout the day to day.

Within the obligations and responsibilities present in the users, the confidentiality present in the process of creating any design stands out, since intellectual property must be protected at all costs.

Finally, commercial activities can arise within the open access to the laboratory, they can be incubated in the Fablabs but cannot conflict with access to it.

The Fablabs have made a very positive contribution to the world of interior design and product design.

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Main characteristics of a Fablab

Fab Labs is a global network of local labs that encourage creativity by providing individuals with digital manufacturing tools.

The machinery that will make your Fablab triumph right away

The machines that a Fablab usually gathers for the creation of a product are:

A rapid RepRap prototype, or better known as a 3D printer. This printer not only minimizes costs, but also professionalizes and personalizes any design, reaching perfection in each replica.

A laser cutter, a milling machine, a vinyl cutter, a precision milling machine to make three-dimensional moulds and finally, a programming tool for low-cost processors.

The Fablabs are free spaces for creation, where experimentation and integrated production are valued within the local contexts in which they are located. It is for this reason that there is a great diversity between the objectives, the initial projects themselves and their subsequent realisations.

The projects that have been developed in the Fablabs include solar and hydraulic turbines, computers and wireless data networks (light client), analysis instruments for agriculture and health, custom houses, rapid prototyping machines and many others.


The importance of being Fablab with Faberin today:

Manufacturing for Faberin is much more than you can imagine. It’s about transforming your inspiration into something contingent. In orienting your designs and ensuring a unique and exclusive outlet where you can value the work done.

Registration on our platform is free and very simple. If you are a manufacturer and you are looking to get all the functionality out of your designs, you are lucky, it will not cost you anything to use our resources to get your products are sold reaching the best market ratings and making yourself known as a designer.

You will be able to turn your workshop into an online design shop, at no cost.

You decide what you charge for your work. No one is better than you will know the value of your design. At Faberin, each manufacturer sets the price of their work, so that each user’s situation is personalised and the work done is always valued positively.

This will guarantee you access to exclusive pieces that you will only have at Faberin.

You will be able to choose in which markets you want to market your products. This way you will be the one who chooses where you want or can go. You set the limits.

With Faberin you will be able to enrich yourself with other makers through the fusion between manufacturer and user… not only will you stand out in the world of design, but you will also change your work routine to increase your own efficiency and make the most of your resources. What are you waiting for?

Three steps to be a Faberin Manufacturer:

  1. Register for free, no more paying to access an infinity of designs totally free.
  2. Budget your products. Calculate the budget and delivery time of as many designs as you are able to manufacture.
  3. Get your first income. In Faberin you will double your income, because you sell exclusive designs directly to clients, without intermediaries.


Words by Laura S.

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