Edu Sánchez: Ecodesign and Sustainability

by Sara S.

“Many small people, in small places, doing small things can change the world,” Eduardo Galeano’s beautiful quote  identifies Edu‘s work as a maker and designer who looks for sustainability in his projects, do you want to know more?

Edu is going to tell you about it in first person a little bit further down, but first we’re going to tell you a little bit about sustainability because it’s a subject that touches Faberin very closely.

Why talk about sustainability?

We already mentioned it in this entry of our magazine, in Faberin we believe that the change we want to see in the world starts from ourselves, from our way of working.

That’s why sustainability is one of our main concerns, just like Edu Sánchez, and taking care of the environment is one of our maxims.

But now is time to learn more about this Catalan maker and designer. And…who better than him to tell you about his history, his concerns, his values and much more?

We leave you in good hands…

Edu Sánchez, designer and maker

Edu Sánchez, designer and maker

Edu’s story

My name is Edu Sánchez, I was born in Barcelona and I live there as well. I am 39 years old and studied Industrial Design and Industrial Modeling at the School of Arts and Crafts “La Llotja”, in Barcelona.

After finishing my studies I worked for a few years in a prototype manufacturing company for automotive and other sectors.

In 2006 I decided to move to London and it was there that I discovered that I had to reorient my knowledge and skills so that they were consistent with my personal concerns and convictions. Respect for the environment has become a cornerstone of my work philosophy ever since.

That’s why for my designs and productions I use the material that I considered more ecological, renewable and reusable: wood. With that in mind, I studied Carpentry for Furniture Design at St Martins College of Art and Design, where I learned how to work wood in a traditional way and with traditional manufacturing processes.

Grass house, courtesy of Edu Sánchez

Grass house, courtesy of Edu Sánchez

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Once in Barcelona, with the intention of continuing to acquire knowledge about wood manipulation, I took a course in antique restoration at the ERA School. There I learned about the different repair, protection and surface finishing processes that used to be used in furniture manufacturing.

With this acquired knowledge I began to collect furniture in order to be able to practice what I learned, taking notes of the techniques, manufacturing processes, etc.  The thing was growing and I had more furniture and more problems of storage and space where I was working, until in 2009 I decided to take the leap and settle in a small premises of 25m2 (currently in a room of 60m2) where I began to carry out this project in a more professional way. So I also thought of a name and logo for the project and it all began to take shape.

What is Depacio?

The name of the project is linked to both my vital proposal and the essence of the product I manufacture. Despacio transmits all that: something different, nothing industrial, small-scale production, artisanal manufacturing. At the same time I try to minimize my ecological footprint by having little stock of wood and finished product. That way I use the necessary resources at all times and it helps me not to be over-stocked. In short, Despacio means changing the pace now that everything is moving so fast; a time when things are either ephemeral or lacking in character (not to mention programmed obsolescence, etc.).

The project has evolved; at first I restored, repaired, recycled or recovered old furniture, but over time this option has lost its prominence to give it to the current business format in which I make my own products and customer orders.


Frankie table, courtesy of Edu Sánchez

Frankie table, courtesy of Edu Sánchez

So far the story of Edu…

What did you think of that? Have you been wanting more?

We hope you have enjoyed his life and work philosophy and his concern for the environment and sustainability as much as we have. Later on we will tell you more about those designs that appear in the photos, both Frankie table and Grass house, among others.

We love meeting new designers and makers and trying to introduce them, are you a designer or maker? Are you, same as Edu, a designer and maker? We are looking forward to meeting you! Do not hesitate to contact us.

We’re waiting for you.

Words by Sara S.

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