Don’t Cry: the cup that will give you something to talk about in your business

by Laura S.

Don’t cry will become the key for everyone to talk about the place with the most original cup of the moment. It is increasingly important how the customer can consume the desired product. Aesthetics is the first thing that conquers the most demanding consumers, so products with modern designs that launch a different message are number one.

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The most innovative design for your business

This is one of the most demanded cups in the world of design. It is an original product that distinguishes itself from any other cup. In its minimalist design it incorporates functionality in its drops, as it allows them to serve as a support and as a support when holding the mug.
In addition, these drops have a key symbolism, as “Dont Cry” tells us that everything can turn around, that everything can be corrected and that there is nothing unattainable.
The design of the cup symbolises that the milk is spilled, but it can still be held in your hands.
Is there a stronger message to publicize your business?

More and more establishments are joining the visual trend of sharing their most “trending” moments in their social networks, and this cup fulfils all the expectations to make your business known and improve its diffusion.
We live in the most digital era in history, where a photo can go around the world and where every message counts. That’s why it’s so important that the design of your business expresses the message you want to convey without neglecting the aesthetics. The world of restoration has changed and climbs the wave of design, all to be validated.

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The ideal combination of elegance and minimalism

“Don’t cry over spilled milk” is a cup that manages to surprise and leave no one indifferent. Its eccentric shape stands out from the rest and allows you to distinguish it with the naked eye, something that can be used to create your own brand if you have an establishment dedicated to catering and still did not know how to differentiate yourself from other bars or cafes.
This design is not only valuable for the message it conveys, but its aesthetics provide a perfect balance to start or end the day on the right foot.
In addition, its minimalist style provides simplicity and closeness, something that consumers also value very positively.


Messages that change everything: Don’t Cry

Differentiating your brand from the rest is not easy, but through messages as positive as the Don’t Cry mug, you will be able to transmit that energy to all your customers. This is a unique piece that will star at any moment and will allow you to tell a new story in each consumer.

At Faberin, we are convinced that the Don’t Cry cup will differentiate your bar, cafeteria, restaurant or establishment from any other.

Who could resist a coffee full of positivism?


Words by Laura S.

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