Discover the secrets behind Maggie

by Alejandro G.

Today is a special day.

It is a special day because it is time to present the first product you will be able to get at Faberin, a result of the collaboration with the Spanish architect Pablo Carballal, who studied at ETSAM and TUDelft (Technical University of Delft) and has collaborated with architecture studios in New York, Rome and London, to name a few. In short, we could not have chosen a better host to offer you the first of many exclusive designs that you can obtain directly and easily on our website.

So… what’s the product in question?



If we had to define Maggie in one word, it would certainly be versatile. At first glance, what is most striking is its minimalist and stylish design, with shapes that invite you to come closer to appreciate its details. Maggie’s core is made of curved plywood, while the seat is made of CNC-modelled cork.

Its versatility allows you to use it as an auxiliary table in your favorite corner, as a magazine rack or if you prefer it as a stool or module to store your favorite objects.

Maggie on the workshop

Maggie on the workshop

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And not only that.

All this is achieved by adapting to virtually any environment, due to its different versions; do you want to put it in the living room of your home? choose the classic model. Would you prefer a more sophisticated and stylish version? opts for black. You want to put her in a more informal setting? the standard is for you. Felt seat and white lacquered wood.

Maggie is also well known,

He has had a relevant presence in Mondo Galería, Madrid and Donosti Artean, San Sebastian. It has also been mentioned in publications such as Core 77, Micasa and Room magazine, to name a few examples.

But… where does the idea of making a piece of furniture with these characteristics come from?

Pablo Carballal

Pablo Carballal

Its creator, Pablo, had been working on the idea of a design that could be produced in series. If you look at it, the process of making a Maggie, due to the materials that compose it and its assembly, is quite simple but also does not forget the aesthetic part of the piece.

It follows the trail of the Bauhaus ideology, famous German school of art and architecture, where the key concept was the union of design and functionality.

Pablo tells us that one day he was looking at a studio in Vancouver called Willow and Stump, after they gave a “like” to a photo he had published on Instagram. He was struck by a project they had carried out a few years ago; the “Fluyt Bench”, which had a certain similarity to Maggie.

Pablo Carballal

“… I think Maggie came to me casually: looking at a medieval chair and seeing how to reverse its curves; remembering how in Japan the waiters put a basket under the chair to leave your coat; looking at molds in Recurval to make another piece of different furniture… For the “Fluyt Bench”, its authors explain that it is a modular solution; that they explore the elastic properties of ash tree; that they were inspired by the techniques of canoeing… Nice to see how different histories that occur in such distant heads lead to similar geometries “.

Pablo with her kimono chair

Pablo with her kimono chair

Like all good relationships, our interest in Pablo joining our platform of designers and makers is based on the admiration we feel for his work. Not only at the level of product design, but also when it comes to providing your creations with a relevant and interesting story to tell. It is that story-telling and the quality of his designs that captivated us from the very beginning and made us decide to contact him.

From the very beginning, Pablo impressed us with his enthusiasm for participating in Faberin and marketing Maggie, a design that fits perfectly with Faberin’s product line. So we got down to work together with the architect and looked for ways to make their fabrication a reality.

Today, we are proud to say that Maggie is no longer an idea, but a fact and that soon you will be able to buy it exclusively on our website, so don’t miss it!

Of course, this will not be the last collaboration between Faberin and Pablo. Follow us on social networks and through our blog because there are still surprises in store for you that we will be discovering in the next few weeks.


Words by Alejandro G.

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