Discover ‘Jarros’, a collection inspired by pre-Columbian ceramics

by Laura S.

Discover the ceramic collection ‘Jarros’, a decoration collection inspired by pre-Columbian ceramics.

Handmade products acquire a unique value. That’s why most product designers opt for ‘slow production’ when it comes to making their best designs. As a result of this on-demand production, the client obtains a unique and exclusive product.

At Faberin we value exclusivity and originality, and we continue to firmly believe that it is the basis for a design to triumph and stand out from the rest.
Within the new collection of ‘Jarros’ designed by David H. Del Valle and produced by Antonio Pérez Muñoz, we find a complete, minimalist collection, cared for in detail and inspired by the aesthetics of the ceramics of the pre-Columbian vases.

Colombian ceramics: the most exclusive and modern material of the moment

Decorating with ceramics is one of the favorite trends in the world of design. Among the many possibilities offered by this material, it stands out above all for its versatility and the great capacity it has to adapt to any style and space.

Buying ceramic products has become a must for design lovers.

Colombian artisans are the number one when it comes to treating clay and turning it into the most exclusive raw material in the world of design to create unique pieces.

Ceramic pots, vases and ceramic jars are some of the most sought-after favorites in the world of design.

The ever-present and fashionable ceramic vase, a topic that has saved more than one home by the freshness and elegance it bestows on any space. It is one of the favourites at any time of the year, and makes a normal corner stand out with elegance and originality.

On the other hand, the ceramic jug stands out, as it is essential at home and also one of the objects that says the most about each person’s style.

Inside the kitchenware, the figure of the ceramic plate and the ceramic vase as such stands out. They are two of the essential pieces that will leave your diners with stone, due to the richness of their elegance.

Last but not least, a good ceramic pot cannot be missing. The vividness of the plants in the home not only reveals the natural harmony that unites design with the most traditional minimalism, but also brings freshness and naturalness to the environment. This flowerpot is the key to give that ‘chic’ touch to your corners.

Jarros vase / Miguel H. Del Valle

Jarros vase / Miguel H. Del Valle

The perfect combination of design and functionality: ‘Jugs’.

If what you are looking for is to buy ceramics online, ‘Jarros’ is positioned as one of the favourite collections to bring functionality and aesthetic richness to your home furnishings.

The best vase of the moment you will find in the new collection ‘Jarros’, an original composition that arises from various cuts made to the same element. This exclusive collection is now on sale at 

The designer’s intention is to take advantage of every millimeter of ceramic to create a powerful collection that stands out for its visual and functional content.

The careful design and delicate aesthetics of these design products make each piece of the collection provide a special touch to every corner.

From Faberin we are clear that this new season will not talk about anything else. What are you waiting for to surprise with ‘Jarros’?

Flower pot Jarros / David H. Del Valle

Flower pot Jarros / David H. Del Valle

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Words by Laura S.

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