Designers and makers: Why should they work together?

by Juanmi R.

The relationship between designers and local artisans or manufacturers has always been accompanied by tensions. These frictions can be caused by the characteristics that define these two activities as complementary as they are different.

But… What are these aspects?

The subjectivity of beauty in design.

Over the years, the concept of design has been something that has generated great controversy, both in trying to explain what exactly is considered design, and in assessing the quality of that design.

Picture: Tom Crew

Picture: Tom Crew

We are dealing with an art that is immersed in subjectivity like so many others. This is not something new, it goes back a long way in history, because Plato was already asking himself: “Is beauty beautiful because I like it, or do I like it because it is beautiful?
The designer is exposed to questioning the beauty of his work, and the enhancement of his work entails an extra effort.

Added to this is the fact that in the total exaltation of creativity and design, sometimes the combination of measures, materials and tools more optimal for its manufacture is overlooked, causing the first break with the manufacturer.

Looking at the other side of the coin, the manufacturer has always been in charge of turning that idea into a reality, the one that has tangibilized any object that a priori imagined impossible to create.
Even so, there has always been the maker, the one who has been able to be qualified, in an unfair simplification of reality, as a mere executor.

Matt Artz

Matt Artz

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The relationship between both parties, designer and maker, has had its ups and downs throughout history. As is natural, each one has tried to defend its interests, putting in value what has been contributed to the product.

The designer’s value for the product.

The designer is capable of creating from scratch, of changing products that we have strongly settled in our head in a unique way. Lateral thinking is his most powerful ally, and once the product is imagined, he is able to put on paper (or on the screen, nowadays) what was just an idea, and also make this a prototype that can be made, and even systematized.

Picture: Rawpixel

Picture: Rawpixel

The value of the manufacturer or maker for the product.

The maker manages to grasp the idea, choose the ideal material, the right tool, and artisanly convert a sketch into a product that is a faithful reproduction of what was imagined, also giving the option of customizing (color, material, text engraving, etc.).

Picture: Quino Al

Picture: Quino Al

Problems in the designer relationship maker.

Designing is thinking before doing, and manufacturing a design is doing what has been thought. Complementarity is obvious, however, a long time has passed in which both workers have rowed in opposite directions. The problem is that, in general, the design products industry is not exploiting its full potential. In a business relationship win-win, the contribution of each of the parties can make the business better, as well as more than meet the profit expectations that each participant had in the beginning.


Trend of product design. The understanding between designer and maker.

Therefore, in Faberin we move towards a new trend, we act in the present and think about the future, to achieve what should have existed for a long time, a relationship between designer and maker in which both complement and support each other in order to grow together.

If you are a designer, discover the advantages of converting your designs into products for sale globally, for free and safely, establishing your own royalties. Take the step, show the world your talent!

If you are a manufacturer, enjoy the opportunity to access the unique designs of great international designers, free of charge and setting your own conditions, market and manufacturing price. Begin manufacturing to order and increase the value of your projects.

Faberin is your meeting point , is the place where a community interacts with each other to discover a la carte which products they want to make a reality, where everyone is rewarded fairly for their work, and where the distance between an idea and a product for sale is reduced to a minimum.

Words by Juanmi R.

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