Design for digital manufacturing

by Laura S.

The digital manufacturing is a design and production process that combines 3D modeling with other forms of creation additives and subtractive . It manages to create products in an industrial way by defining, optimizing and managing the manufacturing process, something unthinkable some time ago.

The best thing about this type of manufacturing is the large number of advantages that go with it. The digital manufacturing is a new model with which to create objects or instruments in a personalized , respects the environment in its process and also, with digital manufacturing, we achieve that the business models are modified , thus creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Kyle Emerick, maker in Faberin, in his workshop

Kyle Emerick, maker in Faberin, in his workshop

A new world made to measure.

The goal of digital manufacturing is to make a real replica equal to the virtual prototype that has been created using a computer.

This is achieved thanks to 3D manufacturing , as it allows to create an object in an identical way to the one that has been carefully designed in digital form. This undoubtedly opens up a new dimension in the world of manufacturing as it was previously known.

Don't cry' mug by designer Lenka Kozic, available for digital production.

Don't cry' mug by designer Lenka Kozic, available for digital production.

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The creativity without limits: Makerspace.

Through new technologies, and together with the knowledge of maker, it seems possible to make almost any design.

Thanks to new manufacturing technologies, the creation of objects have been made to measure the prototype that has previously been designed in digital form. Every detail, every millimetre is duplicated in three-dimensional form to create a whole new world of design.

Faced with a society that demands more and better quality in digital design, the unthinkable has been achieved: to turn a lot of ideas into reality by improving previous expectations.

This is all very well, but even creativity can find its limits. That is why, for years, there has been a demand for a physical space where there is an open collaboration between people: a space to share resources, knowledge, tools and materials, professional connections and projects with the sole purpose of creating new objects… a makerspace.

This place makes it possible to create different manufacturing platforms, thus grouping people with very similar demands who manage to make each other’s work easier. This benefits both manufacturing and design. Brainstorming is served, and with a maker, no design seems too demanding.

Know our makerspace

Personalization with personality: Fablab.

On the other hand, there are also Fablabs, which are digital manufacturing workshops for personal use. This space allows and facilitates the production of physical objects on a more personal scale but still requires computer-controlled machines.

Through a Fablab the aim is to achieve a specific mission that is to favour creativity by providing all the necessary tools in the manufacturing process. Anyone can use the Fablab to manufacture anything. In addition, favours education as users improve instruction and education.

Users are responsible for security, cleanliness, confidentiality, business and executed operations, but above all, they are responsible for their own decisions. In this space, a maker decides how, when and how to carry out each of its projects, so this freedom leaves room for absolute creativity.

This not only improves communication between designers, but also provides all the necessary means to turn a digital design into the most complete manufacturing method of the moment.

In Faberin, we already have Fablab makers, such as Francisco José Gómez from Laboratorio de Artesanía Digital and Pablo Nuñez, from Fablab León.

Workshop of the Digital Crafts Laboratory of Francisco J Gómez

Workshop of the Digital Crafts Laboratory of Francisco J Gómez

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Words by Laura S.

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