Mortar Alfil: Own identity

by Nacho T.

We like to know the stories behind the creations because somehow they become part of our lives the moment we decide to acquire them.

In this post we tell you how a designer takes his own cultural roots as a source of inspiration to develop a product with global characteristics that you will soon find in Faberin and that can be manufactured close to you by the maker of your choice.

So, who is this designer we’re talking about?

Photo courtesy of David H. del Valle

Photo courtesy of David H. del Valle

David H. del Valle, from Medellín and with a quite notable resume; he currently works designing  daylife objects, bioclimatic facades, street furniture metal products… etc, he studied at the University Pontificia Bolivariana as Industrial Designer, is the manager of Tu Taller Design and director of the Medellin Design Week. In his career he has had several exhibitions where he has been able to show the world his designs, the most recent ones in Costa Rica (FID), Milán (Ventura Lambrate), Eindhoven (Dutch Design Week) and Medellín Design Week.

Since his studio has been dedicated to creating objects for a global market, but respectful of their context and sustainable.

Today we bring you closer to one of them that you will find only in Faberin.

Its name is Mortero Alfil, a design difficult to hide in a drawer of our kitchen when we don’t use it and to be exhibited as the sculpture itself it is.

Mortero Alfil designed by David H. del Valle

Mortero Alfil designed by David H. del Valle

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David manages to reunite two concepts with his creation: the Colombian culture, represented by the mortar, an object that is very much present in it and the everyday life that this particular item has in our daily lives. For his creation, David was inspired by the indigenous Colombian culture Quimbaya, whose manufacture of gold is perhaps his best known feature. Concretely, the object reminds us in a powerful way of the quimbaya poporo, which is currently on exhibit at the Bogota Gold Museum.

Previously, this mortar was only sold in Colombia. This will change soon.

If you are thinking of having it added to your kitchen, you can expect that the piece is, at the very least, durable due to its non-porous composition. It also repels water and is non-sticky.

El Mortero Alfil is an elegant and minimalist piece, but don’t make the mistake of hanging these adjectives because it seems simple or monochromatic. As its author David comments, there is much more:

David H. del Valle

… Most people believe that if something is white and inside a white room and everything there is white, it’s minimalist. Minimalism emerged in the 1960s, where its aim is the abstraction, functional and structural purism, austerity and synthesis. This is not to say that they contain minimal elements, or that they are simple or do not have thousands of elements to work with. Simplification in bringing more and more form to the simplest and most cognitively easy to associate for use, also seeks to re-signify objects and discover new forms of use, leading the mind not to think literally, but to be surprised by the simplicity and ingeniousness of the form “.

David H. del Valle with his designs

David H. del Valle with his designs

Alfil will soon be available only at Faberin and you can buy it with confidence and guarantee to have a community of professionals collaborating to make you get products with a beautiful history behind its creation and quality.

Oh, and one more thing,

If you are like David, a product designer and want to give shape to your ideas without limitations, or you are a maker who wants to participate in our community of manufacturers, Faberin is the place for you.

Join us on Faberin!

Words by Nacho T.

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