Creativity without limits: Jaime Ruiz, Faberin’s new designer who sweeps everything away

by Laura S.

At Faberin we know how important it is to have a designer who brings creativity and that curious point to each product. That’s why Jaime captivated us from the second zero. This designer is a passionate engineer who defines himself as a detailed and restless person with his work.

At first he started drawing animals, then comic characters and later cartoons. Finally he began to “invent” in adolescence, and adding the square, the bevel and the compass to his tools he began what was already unstoppable: his entry into the world of design.

When faced with a specific situation, an image comes to his mind that he feels he has to work, “but there is no previous plan, hence the designs I hope to add to Faberin are, at least for now, unconnected”. He doesn’t have a plan to launch a series of related products, he likes his designs to start taking shape and emerge from ideas that apparently have nothing to do with it.

The most visceral design: Jaime Ruiz

A visceral and functional design. “Everything has a why and nothing is just because. There are always second readings and things between the lines,” says the designer.

His hobbies and his daily life are the source of his inspiration. The things he does from the moment he gets up until he goes to bed help him to take a different starting point to put the focus on something that was always there to see it in a different way, this would be one of the values that move him at the time of designing.

Functionality is also part of his designs. Giving a different utility to something conventional is what makes it really unique.

Among your favorite materials, any of the current 3D printing techniques stands out. 3D printing offers almost unlimited possibilities,” he says.

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Details that make the difference: the keys to the success of your designs

The design for Jaime is made up of small details that differentiate a conventional product from something extraordinarily unique. They are special details that remain engraved in our mind and are not forgotten.

Integrating new technologies to current design and above all, bearing in mind that he is a designer who used to make products completely handmade from a pencil and paper, Jaime brings a very fresh professionalism to the world of design.

Faberin for me has been a catalyst and a shuttle, a launch pad. It’s very likely that without this platform everything I have in my notebook and in my head would stay there for a long time. This motivates me a lot,” the engineer tells us.

Jaime undoubtedly brings professionalism, originality and a unique transparency with which we are looking forward to feedback to offer totally revolutionary designs and products.

Jaime Ruiz at Faberin: Fibonacci

Jaime came to Faberin a few weeks ago along with his first design, Fibonacci, a versatile piece of design that will give you everything you need in the kitchen.
– Spaghetti Meter
– Organizer for kitchen utensils
– Flowerpot for spices such as parsley bouquets, thyme, basil…
A few days ago it was put on sale by a manufacturer in our community and is already part of our catalogue of exclusive products.

If, like Jaime, you want to turn your designs into products for sale and start generating income, don’t think twice about it register for free at Faberin and share your talent with the world.

Words by Laura S.

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