Christmas Ideas: Why Gift Design

by Sara S.

If you thought that the ideas for Christmas that you are going to read will refer to the typical Christmas gifts that are repeated year after year…you are wrong!

This year will be different, as we propose several innovative ideas to surprise you with.

For these Christmas, Faberin proposes that you fulfill your dream of giving away pieces of unique design, manufactured one by one in a totally handmade way.

Ideas for Christmas: Designer children’s toys at Faberin

Every year, we spend a lot of time thinking about what to give to our friends, family and of course also to the little ones in the house.
For those children who wait with all their expectations to open a gift package that surprises them. We have something special that will surely surprise them…
For example, a perfect gift for a child is, without a doubt, a unique handcrafted swing. Think of that little one’s face when you open his gift, he will surely show you his surprise and joy with Juhta!

Handmade design seesaw by designer Mikko Hannula, only available in Faberin.

Handmade design seesaw by designer Mikko Hannula, only available in Faberin.

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Handmade design magazine by designer Mikko Hannula, only available in Faberin.

Handmade design magazine by designer Mikko Hannula, only available in Faberin.

Buy Online for this Christmas: A safe bet.

Have you thought about what to buy online furniture is one of the possibilities you have today?
Yes, in fact the technological items will not be the star in this Christmas, on the contrary the new trend is the original gifts that come from the hand of Faberin: design products, which besides giving you the comfort of being able to do your Christmas shopping online, also allows you to differentiate when delivering a handcrafted gift.
Your gift this year will be a unique piece , so you can be sure that no one else will receive a gift like the one you will give to that special person.
In addition, you will benefit from the comfort of not having to go to physical furniture stores at a time of the year that you know you won’t find what you’re looking for, because they supply factories whose mass production prevents them from supplying demand as broadly as Faberin can. You will avoid the stress, the traffic jams, the endless queues and a common and little original gift.
Well, as you know, all the pieces are manufactured in a artesanal, way, which means that a craftsman will personally be in charge of the manufacture of your piece or design furniture, following your indications and with the possibility to personalize it with the phrase you want or the color you like the most.

Also think about preparing your Christmas table in an elegant and contemporary way, for example with a Melt to preserve the freshness of the wine inside a unique piece, while your guests continue with their conversation and cannot stop being surprised when they arrive at your house and realize that they are in those modern rooms that transport them to a futuristic space.

'Melt' design ice bucket by designer Eduardo Otero, only available in Faberin

'Melt' design ice bucket by designer Eduardo Otero, only available in Faberin

Why give away a design product?

When we think of a gift for Christmas, we all focus on something special because the person who is going to receive it is also special to us.
Therefore, there is nothing better than personalized gifts, because they all have a valuable meaning, a story behind them that identifies them, so this Christmas you will not only be giving away a physical good, but a design product.

A design piece is the creation of a new product generated and developed from an idea that combines art with new materials that give rise to new trends.
All of this effectively differentiates industrial design, since it is based on the mass production of goods, that is, a mass production that is carried out by large corporations, which leaves aside the personalization and history of each of the pieces…

What did you think of our ideas for gifts? Remember that in Faberin we have a broad catalogue of original products.
Find a unique gift for each of your loved ones and personalise it by making it more your own. Show them how special they are to you with a unique piece of exclusive design.
Remember that if you want to buy any of these pieces as gifts at home to place in your Christmas tree , you should place your order well in advance, since being design products you must consider the production time involved in delivery on time and to your entire satisfaction.


Words by Sara S.

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