Change the order: Customers-Designers-Makers

by Faberin

” Making the design available anywhere in the world.” 

It always seemed like an impossible challenge.

The fact is that every day you are closer to achieving something, which no one ever could before.

The challenge is to use your talent to transform the lives of people who feel unique, who feel different, and who can be reached anywhere. 

Sounds good, right? …well, this is our determination.

Be yourself!!

We have been a while without communicating with you through email, although in our social networks and our website you will have seen the changes we have made.

We continue with our pillars, Original Design, Local Manufacturers and Clients. 

We just turn the order upside down. We have reconsidered the way to reach the customer with guarantees of success.

Customer requirements, Original Designs and Local Manufacturers. Let’s start with who buys, uses and enjoys your proposal.

The Customer.

We have some news that I will tell you about:

Our mission is to help designers generate royalties and get international visibility, turning the digital portfolio into a portfolio of products for sale. And to make them sell.

In order to pursue your success, we had to change certain practices that were preventing us from fulfilling this mission.

The first decision we made was to be more careful with the designs we published and to choose which designs we would turn into products for sale. 

We have to keep in mind at all times the profiles of our consumers and the product we want to offer.

This choice of designs, has caused us to reduce the number we show, it is possible that yours is among those we have hidden. If this is the case, I apologise and hope to have another opportunity to showcase your talent, generating royalties for you.

The other important decision, has been to work with verified manufacturers (this we already did) with which we agreed a sale price of the product ( novelty ), we make prototype ( novelty ), which in turn we use to make photography ( novelty ).

With this we intend to ensure quality, have a competitive price and show photographs of the finished product, avoiding renders.

And last but not least, we will concentrate all our efforts on a product niche and a customer profile.

We want our community to feel different and unique, to create a special atmosphere in the workspace at home.

I attach this link where you can download the PDF that we have prepared as a briefing so that your designs have a high chance of success. Turn your personal brand into that of a designer who comes to the market with relevant designs that inspire and transform the lives of our customers.

Laura Ortín, Architect. New Office in Murcia.

Our determination is to build the largest catalogue of design products for #WorkAtHome, and you will be the protagonist with your creations.

To value our strengths, to be demanding with the designs, to create relationships with manufacturers to get the best prices, and above all, to be demanding with ourselves, is what makes us feel tremendously responsible and committed to the project.

I invite you to upload your designs, whether they are in your drawer or if you have any ideas to develop. 

Any question you have, you can share it with me in my email, or in the WhatsApp.

You can also book a video call here.

Deeply grateful for all your support,

I send you my warmest regards.


Words by Faberin

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