• Es_Pera

    A tea table made with love, democratic and without corners. Two marine birch veneered boards are joined with a continuous tube of lacquered iron.

  • Scorrevole

    Scorrevole Perpetual Calendar by designer Juanny Barcelò. This original wooden calendar is characterized by an essential graphic shape that allows you to mark days and […]

  • Tilt Right

    Tilt Right is a bookstore that will not leave anyone indifferent. this design by Jordi Veytia is characterized by its movement. This original design bookstore […]

  • Tria

    Tria is a set of coffee tables of different dimensions and heights that allows them to adapt more comfortably to the space. In addition, its […]

  • Bloo

    Bloo is a designer stool designed by the designer Jordi Veytia, composed of steel on its original legs and the seat is composed entirely of […]

  • Element

    Element: in spite of seeming an optical illusion, the curves end up uniting in harmony to form this table. In this way, the design makes […]

  • Nordic stool La Gracia

    Inspired by the Scandinavian design, this stool stands out for its contrast between beech wood and bent sheet metal, followed by a green conductive thread […]

  • Nordic table La Gracia

    Inspired by Scandinavian design, this table stands out for the contrast between beech wood and bent metal, with a green conductive thread in the iron […]

  • Nordic Chair La Gracia

    With Scandinavian inspiration, this chair stands out for its contrast between beech wood and bent metal sheet, followed by a green conductive thread in the […]

  • Hispanica

    “Hispanica” is a small sideboard with the purpose of being economical and of easy assemble, mantaining an high quality standard. The main structure is in […]

  • Alara

    Alara means flower that blooms in the desert, this chair design is inspired by my best friend who moved to Asia, she is for me […]

  • Bend

    Bend is a simple design magazine holder in one piece of bent wood. It allows for both exhibition of ongoing magazines, as well as storage […]

  • Page sideboard

    Portugal is well-known for its literature, exporting books and remarkable authors to other countries. Books count stories of endless possibilities. The Page sideboard furniture design […]

  • Incompleto S

    Incompleto S is a design furniture element which inspired by the artistic idea of “unfinished”, a concept then translated at a graphical level. Moreover, the sideboard […]

  • Wind

    Wind is a design dining table, designed by Brazilian designer Ricardo Moratti. This dining table stands out for its contemporary style and versatility, as it […]

  • OM

    OM is a design table lamp designed by the Italian designer Marco Fiorentino. It is composed of an industrial aesthetic focus, which moves on three […]

  • Incompletc

    Incompleto is a design shelf designed by Juanny Barcelò. A furniture element which inspired by the artistic idea of “unfinished”, a concept then translated at […]

  • Bar Bow

    ‘Bar bow’, designed by the Brazilian product designer Ricardo Moratti, is a bar-cabinet made with American oak wood with copper details. As for its style, […]

  • Crevi

    The ‘Crevi’ design coffee table is already the third design by Brazilian product designer Ricardo Moratti at Faberin, and this time it is a beautiful […]

  • Nolt

    The sofá Nolt is an author’s design piece, devised by the Brazilian product designer Ricardo Moratti . Manufactured in wood natural and suitable for areas […]

  • Romia

    ‘Romia’ is a piece of furniture designed by Loris Bottello to create a small herb garden on a balcony or patio. The idea arises from […]

  • Poltrona Valk

    Poltrona Valk is a design armchair designed by the Brazilian product designer Ricardo Moratti. This armchair perfectly embodies an elegant and simple aesthetic, which combined […]

  • Acari

    Acari, designed by the designer Jose Vicente Dueñas, is an original design stool that seeks to integrate handcrafted techniques and natural materials, in order to […]

  • Target

    ‘Target’, designed by Juanny Barcelò, is a collection of placemats inspired by the idea of visually designing an object that represents “the objective” where to […]

  • Egg

    This original design stool by product designer Fàbio Silva was inspired by the egg. I tried to create a stool that was functional, attractive and […]

  • Zeta

    The Z Table is a coffee table with two functions, one being a table and two being a space for storage. Here are two materials […]

  • LaA

    Here we have the first design by designer Luigi Argiuolo for Faberin. Light and colourful, the A is perfect for those who want to make […]

  • Cube

    ‘Cube’ is a design devised by the Portuguese designer Nelson de Araújo, inspired by Salvador Dalí’s phrase that reads: “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never […]

  • Teresa Chair

    ‘Teresa Chair’ is a design by the italian product designer Aldo Petruzzelli. A 21st chair which is a unobtrusive mix of all the greatest elements […]

  • Number 1

    ‘Number 1’ is the first design work of visual artist Jozef Gašpierik. While Jozef was painting a new work in which the main theme of […]

  • Play Cabinet

    The ‘Play Cabinet’ furniture has been created by the Portuguese product designer Nelson de Araújo. It is a colourful and dynamic piece of furniture that […]

  • Acht

    The ‘Acht’ design stool by Mexican designer Jordi Veytia is the perfect combination of culture, design and originality. The shape and lines of its legs […]

  • Trasversale

    The design shelf ‘Trasversale’ has been conceived by the designer Juanny Barcelò Borges. This design piece was born with the idea of bringing to homes […]

  • Coat racks Collection

    The original and funny design coat racks ‘Unicorn‘, Elephant’ and ‘Rhinoceros’ designed by the Argentinean designer María Eugenia Aldinucci are a safe bet for young and old. These coat […]

  • Sestetto

    The Sestetto design mirror was designed by Juanny Barcelò Borges, a designer who already has extensive experience at Faberin. Since, he has shared with us […]

  • Euclid

    If you are a manufacturer and want to increase your customer base, make to order and decide yourself the dimensions of the project, we have […]

  • Lil

    The ‘Lil’ design lamp was designed by designer Michael Columbro and is a simple, yet original lamp that can be packaged and assembled by the […]

  • Guest stool

    The design stool ‘Guest stool’ created by the design studio of designers Esben Lyhne and Abjorn Mejlvang: UrbanBear Studio. The shape and functionality of this […]

  • Dine

    The Dine collection consists of a set of three cutting boards designed by the Danish designer Anna Karnov. Dine’ consists of a small butter board, […]

  • Leaf

    The’Leaf’ design kitchen board by product designer María Eugenia Aldinucci is an original piece of ecological wood. Functional and decorative, it is the perfect choice […]

  • Light Kitchen

    The ‘Light Kitchen’ design kitchen by Italian designer Stefano Carta, which won an award at the Satellite Design Week in Milan, is a super light, […]

  • Rocking Horse

    The Rocking Horse’ conceived by product designer Kaichuan Wang is a designer rocking horse. Rocking horses have always been associated with happiness, and this design […]

  • A dovetail

    ‘A Dovetail’ is a series of design pieces created by designer Kaichuan Wang. with the same structure.  It is characterized by a balance of material […]

  • Mía

    Design bench ‘Mia’ by designer Danilo Calvache is part of the’Plural’ collection. A collection that is characterized by its simplicity and its original aesthetic line. […]

  • Upa Rocking Llama

    Upa Rocking Llama’ is a children’s rocker arm designed by designer Danilo Calvache. This seesaw is the interpretation of a different animal in the children’s […]

  • Fish Rack

    ‘Fish Rack’ is a children’s coat rack designed by product designer Pedro Luis Carretero, which simulates the silhouette of a fish scraper. Fish Rack’ is […]

  • Scala

    ‘Scala’ is a design bedside table , designed by the Italian designer Michele Russo. This bedside table combines different types of wood with metal details, […]

  • The U joint

    The U joint’ is a collection of three design shelves made of walnut and light oak wood and designed by Italian product designer Simone Affabris. […]

  • Tea table

    The “Tea table” design table consists of a versatile piece of furniture: a folding table with an extendable lift type that can be used as […]

  • Regular fit

    Chess set “Regular fit” by designer Juanny Barceló reinterprets the game of chess in a contemporary, more graphic and ironic way. Taking as a reference […]

  • Loading

    ‘Loading’ is a wall clock that is inspired by the digital graphic representation of the load of a page or an application and this means […]

  • Dianomo

    The design hammock ‘Dianomo’ has been designed by Phebos Xenakis, Robbe Van der Verren, Lander Vanlierde and Mathias Bruyneel, its structure is composed mainly of […]

  • Comb

    The design hammock by  designer Gaudutė Žilytė is the result of a furniture system based on the combination of two materials. This design bench is […]

  • Comb

    ‘Comb‘ design bench Gaudutė Žilytė is the result of a furniture system based on the combination of two materials. This design bench is made up […]

  • Easy Light collection

    The’Easy light’ collection by the Italian designer Francesco Frulio consists of a chair and a wooden table characterised by their lightness. Its designer was inspired […]

  • Smith work

    The ‘Smith work’ design table is a simple but elegant work table, it is this simplicity that brings out its design elements. It is a […]

  • Plugtable

    The Plugtable design table is an interesting and intelligent solution to the problems related to the purchase of a piece of furniture: transport and assembly […]

  • Tame

    Tame is a seat, a table, a shelf and much more thanks to its modular design. Starting with a Tame unit, you can stack one […]

  • Xanxan

    The’Xanxan’ design shelf from the Smallgran design studio can be installed anywhere by a single person and allows for configurations in different sizes.  It also greatly […]

  • Ciro stool

    The design stool “Ciro stool” is the result of the taste for experimentation of its designer, Jaymin Panchasara, who decided to explore with cast aluminium, […]

  • The Quintos table

    A designer functional table that allows you to open your bottles, can you imagine anything better? Forget about waiting for your bottles to open, losing […]