3D printing

  • Ordenaseo’ D

    ORDENASEO’D’ wants to order and serve the usual personal objects of dental hygiene, providing the following advantages: 1. HYGIENE AND COMPACITY: preventing objects from coming […]

  • Sviluppo

    Sviluppo (development) means progressive increase. A 3D printed design money box with a sculptural and sinuous shape which is characterised by a vertical development. From […]

  • Demoiselle

    Demoiselle is a collection of pendant light inspired by female dresses from French Rococo period and the blossoming of spring flowers. The clothes were decorated […]

  • Chignon

    ‘Chignon’ is a lamp pendant printed in 3D, inspired by chignon hair pickup. This hairstyle consists of knotting the hair gently at the nape of the neck […]