Brass and Crystal: craftsmanship in lamp manufacturing

by Sara S.

A family business born of effort and dedication. The experience of a man who learned the particularities of lamp making from the apprentice trade. Projects in Madrid, Rome and even Turkmenistan, do you want to know more about these artisans?

Here we go!

Brass and Crystal: experts in handcrafted design lamps

Although they may not look like it by name, Brass and Crystal are Valencians! What happens is that these artisans knew that with a name in English they could go further and further, and that is their purpose.

In this way, they decided that the name of their company would be their two star products, glass and brass, both in English.
Brass and Crystal is a family business formed by Pere and his father Pedro. They also have four more craftsmen in the staff who are also dedicated to the construction of lamps, tables or any other decorative element proposed to them.

Pere Dura - Brass & Crystal

Pere Dura - Brass & Crystal

Pedro had his beginnings in a big company back in the 1970s. It was then that he learned the trade from apprentice to sales manager with a lot of hard work and effort. Pedro is, therefore, the one who has a great deal of experience when it comes to making any type of lamp, and defines his company with the following words:

Pere Dura

I would define our company as a company that transforms the lamp or decorative element that someone has in mind into a real and practical object.

Brass and Crystal dares everything. They are used to making large and custom-made lamps and, of the lamps that you can find in their catalogue, they are able to reproduce them in any size.

The origin of Brass and Crystal’s exclusive handcrafted lamps

Pere told us that Brass and Crystal had its beginnings 11 years ago, but his father Pedro came to have a lamp manufacturing company for about 26 years.

The story of Brass and Crystal has a lot to do with Pedro’s story of success and effort. His life went through different stages, going from apprentice to sales manager and even starting a new company that lasted 26 years but unfortunately had to close down because of a customer who did not pay them a letter of credit.

Even so, they continued to custom-build until they decided to embark on a new adventure: Brass and Crystal.

Neoclassical style lamp, Brass and Crystal

Neoclassical style lamp, Brass and Crystal

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Brass and Crystal: lamp manufacturing around the world

What you hear! This family business has carried out multiple projects beyond Valencia. Pere told us that among all those carried out, the most noteworthy were those carried out in three large shopping centres: Euroma 2 (Rome), Plaza Norte 2 (Madrid) and Plaza Río 2 (Madrid).

Brass and Crystal has carried out projects in hotels, churches and even in the Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan…Why does Brass and Crystal stand out in these shopping centers?
Especially because these projects were a great challenge for this family business. The lamps were very large and had a very unusual design in terms of construction and use of materials not very common in the world of lighting. Of course, as we mentioned above, Brass and Crystal dares to do everything and I have no hesitation in getting down to work and creating some of the most original and eye-catching pieces.

We leave you some photos of the projects carried out by these artisans and if you want to see more you only have to visit their website.

Euroma2 shopping mall, Brass and Crystal

Euroma2 shopping mall, Brass and Crystal

And now, remember the Bankrobber?

It is a lamp designed by Pablo Carballal that we present in this entry of our magazine, because if you don’t remember, Brass and Crystal are the artisans that have given life to it.

Do you want to know how it was made? So you can get to know Faberin’s essence firsthand!

We leave you the story of the process with Pere:

Pere Durá

The manufacturing process of the Bankrobber was curious, A designer to whom we make custom-made lamps told Vincent about us and he contacted us. He explained the Faberin project to us and gave us hope. From then on, he sent us the plans and we modified some things so that the lamp went from a drawing to become a reality. Finally, with the supervision of Pablo Carballal, we made the necessary touches to bring this lamp for sale.

Bankrobber manufacturing process

Bankrobber manufacturing process

Bankrobber manufacturing process

Bankrobber manufacturing process

So far a little bit of the story Brass and Crystal story, what do you think?

You will continue to hear from these artisans because very soon you will be able to buy a product designed by Pablo Carballal and manufactured by themselves, Bankrobber!

By the way….

Are you an artisan and, like Brass and Crystal, would you like to be part of our community? Do not hesitate to contact us! We look forward to meeting you.

Words by Sara S.

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