by Roberto Gómez Saldaña

Suitable for welding

‘ORDENOCIO’S’ by designer Roberto Gómez is born with the intention of facilitating the tasks of storing, ordering, classifying, and exposing usual leisure collections such as music, cinema, game or reading, in all of their usual formats (standard cases for CD/DVD, special, multiple or changeable models, books, guides, etc …), trying to maximize multiple convenient advantages for it:

  1. Modulated to fit in most storage spaces.
  2.  Compartmentalized for the reception and ordering of any personal collection with freedom of formats.
  3. The additional and immediate possibility of measures’ customization on demand, different from those suggested, for very specific preferences or needs.
  4. The possibility of indefinite growth over time by adding modules.
  5. Maximum visibility of collections.
  6. Direct disposition and manipulation.
  7.  Stability against overturning and habitual unwanted landslides.
  8. Light (sheet metal), without falling (safety angle) and effective (through complete modules) transport.
  9.  Easy cleaning.
  10. Durability
  11. Clean, minimalist, abstract and elegant aesthetics.

For this, it is stripped of all arbitrariness with a sincere and functional design through the study of the angles and distances that best make them possible, in the material and production method that can offer them in the easiest way, also providing the elegance required for those important personal treasures.

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Roberto Gómez Saldaña would like to know your opinion about the design Ordenocio’s

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