Antonio Pérez: a renewed vision of ceramics.

by Sara S.

As you know, we believe that the connection between the members of this great community is fundamental. It is vital for us that you know first-hand every new addition that enriches our platform. Today we would like to introduce you to a new craftsman who is joining Faberin, thus enjoying the advantages of manufacturing unique designs by international designers, on request and establishing the conditions himself.

The traditional craftsmanship takes the lead this time, from the hand of a young ceramicist from Murcia who carries this craft by the flag. He works daily to update the pottery work without losing the essence that characterizes her and for which, he fell in love with ceramics.

Today we would like to introduce you to Antonio Pérez Muñoz, a natural craftsman from Alhama de Murcia who lives in a small hamlet called `The shovels’, where he finds the perfect environment to develop the trade that has brought him here on a daily basis.

Without further ado, let’s go there!

Antonio Pérez Muñoz, ceramist maker at Faberin.

Antonio Pérez Muñoz, ceramist maker at Faberin.

His trade: ceramicist by vocation

As a child, Antonio was attracted by the mixture of usefulness and beauty of many trades, although he was still not sure which one was his. After completing his compulsory studies, he followed the path that had always attracted his attention and enrolled in the Bachillerato de Arte y oficios at the Escuela de Murcia.

Far from stagnating, his interest in art continued to grow and this time, far from his homeland, he continued his studies at the School of Art and Crafts in Logroño, where he studied for the first time in the Superior Degree of Illustration. During his stay in Logroño, he opted for a trade: ceramics.

He decided to continue his studies as a Higher Technician in Artistic Ceramics at the EASD Pau Gargallo in Badalona, where he grew up as an artist and as a craftsman with the help of great professionals in the field of ceramics.

During his studies, his enthusiasm for learning led him to become interested in different aspects of the profession, and to be documented in its history and in its different styles according to the time and place of origin. Although, with great weakness for his land, he finished his studies with a project on the trousseau of Murcia from the Andalusian period in the 13th century.

Undoubtedly, his eagerness to improve and his continuous interest in novelty and learning have made him a versatile and totally updated craftsman.

Antonio Pérez working on a prototype for Faberin, in his workshop in Las Palas.

Antonio Pérez working on a prototype for Faberin, in his workshop in Las Palas.

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Antonio Pérez: a versatile and up-to-date craftsman arrives at Faberin.
After 10 years in the trade, Antonio is clear that his main value is to continue to make useful handmade ceramics, adapted to the present, but with great respect for traditions.

Through his pottery wheel and using pink Terracotta clay and white culinary stoneware he achieves timeless, creative, impersonal, organic and high natural component works.

So far, among all his projects, he has created personalized crockery for important restaurants in different areas of the peninsula. These have made him grow as a professional and have allowed him to learn and master new styles and techniques.

If anything caught our attention, it was his proactivity and flexibility that he transmitted to us at all times. He faces every new challenge with enthusiasm and this allows him to excel in every job. That’s why it fits in perfectly with our community.
Very soon we will be able to share with you our first report with a maker and of course, the result of the first pieces made by Antonio Pérez for Faberin. We can’t wait for you to see them!


Antonio Pérez and Vicente Cánovas, CEO of Faberin, together with the first prototype in process of the CZR collection of Bandido Studio.

Antonio Pérez and Vicente Cánovas, CEO of Faberin, together with the first prototype in process of the CZR collection of Bandido Studio.

If, like Antonio, you are passionate about crafts and crafts, join this great platform of design lovers and you can be the first to manufacture exclusive and original pieces by international designers.

Remember, here, you decide the price and the market. In Faberin you decide the conditions. Take the step: start manufacturing and selling all over the world, we are waiting for you!

Words by Sara S.

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