Alfonso Martínez: From functionality to social impact

by Sara S.

As a meeting point between designers and manufacturers , who make their dream of turning designs into products for sale worldwide come true, Faberin has very diverse profiles.
Whatever your style, you will find no limits to demonstrate your talent and you can also set the conditions yourself.

Alfonso Martínez has taken the step and is willing to break down all the barriers that a designer finds when it comes to putting his design on sale, he has joined Faberin to turn his ideas into real products that can reach any corner of the world.

As usual, we want to get closer to every professional who joins Faberin. Today we will learn more about the style, the trajectory and the designs of the Mexican product designer Alfonso Gómez.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Design as a way of life

Alfonso started designing 7 years ago. From a very young age he was attracted to assemble and build things and help people and got the perfect combination in the response that gives the design to people’s needs.

During his time as a student of Industrial Design, he participated in several design contests that provided him with hands-on experience and learning.

In addition, Alfonso combined his training at university, working in an art museum. In this work, he had the opportunity to design elements for the adequacy of the room in different exhibitions. Also within the museum, he was able to design furniture for the exhibition of small pieces: benches, desks and even work tables for the museography workshop.

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The design has spanned many spheres of his life, as a mountain biker, he has designed a wide variety of objects related to this sport: supports to maintain the bike, tools, ramps, and even objects that help develop skills on the bike.

Alfonso Martínez: From functionality to social impact

Alfonso defines himself as a functionalist designer who seeks that his designs have a social impact in the sense of improving in some aspect the quality of life of people. Therefore, their designs are characterized by their functionality or multifunctionality.
When it comes to design, it finds its inspiration in the possible design solutions to problems and needs that it sees around it. The context in which he finds himself and the needs he perceives in it, guide his creative process.
In this process, it is accompanied by design books or novels, a little music and sometimes movies.

Alfonso finds in the wood his favorite material and uses it in his designs moved by values such as empathy, integrity, respect and commitment.

In short, this Mexican designer takes the design by flag and defines it as: “the conjunction between theory and technique, form and function, to solve problems and needs in the context where we find ourselves.

Alfonso Martínez in Faberin: Dodeca and Zeta.

Alfonso Martínez has decided to go one step further in his professional career and join Faberin to share his designs with the world. He has decided to turn his ideas into products for sale globally. This step has been doubled with his designs Dodeca y Zeta .

What is ‘Dodeca’?

Dodeca’ is a design lamp , its shape is a dodecahedron divided in half by two materials, concrete and polypropylene.

Why a dodecahedron? Because it is a harmonic polyhedron depending on which side you see it. It can be disruptive on one side but perfectly harmonic on the other.
It works like a night lamp or an ambient lamp. Its versatility, originality and aesthetics make it a unique piece.

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What is ‘Zeta’?

The Z Table is a center table with two functions , the table and the space for guard or drawer. In this design two materials converge, wood and glass .

The purpose of the double function is to optimize space. The functionality and aesthetics robusta of Zeta, make this table a safe bet to give personality to your home without giving up practicality.

Discover more about Zeta

The best part? Very soon we will be able to enjoy ‘Dodeca’ and ‘Zeta’ in the catalogue of exclusive Faberin products.

If, like Alfonso Martínez , you are a furniture, industrial or product designer and you want to turn your ideas into products for sale, don’t hesitate to join Faberin. Enjoy the advantages of being part of this great community of design lovers. Take the step: Show your talent to the world!

Words by Sara S.

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