Aldo Petruzzelli: character and disruptive design.

by Juanmi R.

“I would like to skip the part where I say the usual things so that it can be deduced that I am a rule-breaker” the interview has not yet started and he already leaves signs of his strong personality. Aldo Petruzzelli is a disruptive type, which makes us realize that he is indeed a product designer, since the members of his guild have the capacity to change something we see in everyday life in a single way for 100 different things.

But we haven’t told you yet who is Aldo Petruzzelli . It’s about a young Italian designer who has entered Faberin with strength, contributing a design from the beginning that we will show you in this post and that has arrived with great determination to try to achieve great achievements in the world of design. His understanding with us has been total: Faberin is a great platform and gave me the opportunity to produce my work, but not only that. Faberin is giving me the opportunity to write something real that I love.”

Aware that internationalisation is key to design, Aldo is willing to take the roots of his land and culture anywhere in the world. Willing to make an impact, this designer tells us more about his story, from his beginning to his entry at Faberin. Would you like to know it? Come on!

Picture of Aldo Petruzzelli

Picture of Aldo Petruzzelli

Aldo Petruzzelli’s beginnings and his conception of the design.

Aldo Petruzzelli is an Italian designer from Bari , who is currently in his last year of studies at Industrial Design at the Liceo Artístico de Nittis.
When we began to enter in matter and we asked him about what it supposes for him the design comes out to shine his passion : The design is incredible because it is born without knowing how important it was going to be, now it is highly considered (in its majority) but we cannot define it. That is what I love about him, it is indefinable, only that you know that it is significant. It’s a way of thinking, to design something you have to think and if you’re thinking, you’re designing.”

Despite his short experience in design, Aldo is very conscious of the influence of design in the world since its inception, and says: “I started designing knowing what almost everyone knows, which is simply to draw small things without any engineering process in the environment and then overestimate what was done. What I really learned from places as different as Italy and America is that design can be applied to all disciplines, so it’s like a language , the language of design. Large organisations are beginning to appreciate the depth of this field and are applying design thinking to almost everyday activities, as well as hiring people who know what they are doing.”

Picture of Aldo Petruzzelli

Picture of Aldo Petruzzelli

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Design as a vocation: a slow process or something sudden?

We are interested to know when he discovered his vocation, and it is worth reflecting on his vision about this, since it is something curious as he tells it: “In the world of design there is not really the moment of the light bulb when you know you love design, since as you start designing since you are a small child , the question should be: When did you realize the fact that you were designing? Well, that happened when I changed schools and I realized that was the way I wanted to go.” At that moment, Aldo started to take design more seriously, and already during his studies he began to make some designs with a very professional look, like this lamp created with Antonio Delizotti when he was only 15 years old.

Lamp designed by Aldo Petruzzelli and Antonio Delizotti

Lamp designed by Aldo Petruzzelli and Antonio Delizotti

Aldo’s seal in his designs.

Due to his youth, it is difficult to classify Petruzzelli so soon within a single style, he himself says: “I would like to focus my style on what I call it, on the style that works. I want to dive deeper and find a way to satisfy all the needs that I can, let’s not forget what the designer came for, satisfy the needs.”

And this same search for his style is represented in his designs: “My designs, as I wrote in my University Essay, are a “daily struggle to find new meanings in what we touch and use every day”, now I know it may sound a little crazy because I’m going to show a chair, but I keep in mind that you have to start from something and that something is Teresa Chair, my first object in Faberin and also in production. I’m very ambitious and that’s just the beginning.”

Aldo has already mentioned it, he comes to Faberin with his first design ready to be produced, “Teresa Chair”, a chair that mixes the contemporary and current with elements of the last century. We are sure that it will surprise and it will find a manufacturer very soon . This design had a great process of creation that is available to see here.

'Teresa Chair' designed by Aldo Petruzzelli

'Teresa Chair' designed by Aldo Petruzzelli

Preferred materials by Aldo Petruzzelli.

Ending with Aldo’s style, we asked him about his favourite material , a difficult question to answer, because: “there are a lot of them that I am discovering right now and I can’t choose one of the others.”It is true that in the past he has worked a lot with wood , both the lamp and the chair are designs for this material, but he wants to make his way in other materials, so he has other designs that are not made of wood, such as his table ‘I MADE IT’ that we show you below.

'I MADE IT' table designed by Aldo Petruzzelli

'I MADE IT' table designed by Aldo Petruzzelli

We have already seen, Aldo is a young designer, but with a great future, and that is thanks to his ambition and determination in his work. He is already one of the Faberin community and we just need to see what designs he will bring to our international platform so that local manufacturers can produce them and consumers around the world can buy them..
If you also want to get an international visibility as a designer , don’t wait any longer, join Faberin!

Words by Juanmi R.

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