5 ideas to renovate your home

by Sara S.

Do you need to renovate your home in a simple way, preserving the key elements and giving a personal and modern touch to the rooms using original decorative pieces? Stay with us, we give you the ideas in this post.

The importance of lighting

The light must be the element that receives all the protagonist in your home before, during and after the reforms. The person who decides to renew his home has to do so thinking about everything that the lighting can contribute to each of their rooms.

    • La natural light is key to giving width and creating cosy, luminous spaces. In order not to take away even one ounce of power, it is essential to place thin curtains (those that let light through), avoid placing furniture in front of windows and not cover skylights. These simple gestures will give a different style to your house.
    • The artificial light also has to be taken into account since at certain times of the day and for certain jobs you do at home is fundamental to have floor lamps to relax in the living room, pliques on the island of the kitchen that allow you to cook freely or that lamp  on the bedside table that will do you so much service.


A take into account

When you value your house expenses at the end of the month, remember that light adds up . Therefore, if you are going to reform your home invest your time in reflecting on the electricity rate that you have contracted and verify if it is appropriate to the characteristics of your home and to your own.

You can do this informative procedure whenever you want but we recommend that you study it at the time of the reform since you are already changing your life in some way. Take advantage of this moment to carry out a holder change or change light rate . A procedure that you can do by calling Iberdrola or any of the retailers in Spain. For example, if you live in Murcia and your company is Iberdrola, go to one of the commercial offices of Iberdrola Murcia to change your name and bet on an energy plan that will help you save .

Bankrobber by Pablo Carballal, only available at Faberin.

Bankrobber by Pablo Carballal, only available at Faberin.

Give your furniture a new life

Renovating your home doesn’t mean throwing all your belongings in the trash without any kind of modesty. We propose you an idea that will change your way of thinking thanks to the possibility of giving a new life to your furniture . Is that possible? Yes. Currently, there are artisans who are dedicated to polishing, painting and engraving on wood. An option that allows you to transform chests of drawers, dining tables, chairs… Anything you can think of!

Place indispensable elements

All housing needs essential items that make a difference to the housing of your friends, parents or partner. Remember that your home is your place and within those walls that delimit it, it is essential to have b>enseres that say a lot about you and are, at the same time; b>functional and practical.

In this sense, we suggest you buy a bookstore where you can place your favourite books, a low table on which you can put a vase with fresh flowers or a different stool for your bathroom.

Maggie by Pablo Carballal, only available at Faberin.

Maggie by Pablo Carballal, only available at Faberin.

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Give a different touch to each room

Giving yourself a whim once in a while will make you feel good since you deserve to have that mirror that takes your breath away, that collector’s tableware that you’ve been sighing for a long time or a desk for your corner of original work and misunderstood by its design. Don’t think about it anymore and buy some of those elements. You’re renovating your house and you can afford to throw it out the window somehow!

'Wave live' by Miguel Mojica, only available at Faberin

'Wave live' by Miguel Mojica, only available at Faberin

Decorate with plants

Plants are important because they bring freshness and joy to every room . But that’s not all. According to an article by Decoora, vegetables and flowers are capable of many more things. Although the most important is to make you happy . Don’t wait any longer and buy yourself a good pot in which you will be able to take care of your favorite plants.

Words by Sara S.

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