5 Decorative accessories you didn’t know were printed in 3D

by Laura S.

3D printing is increasingly present in home decor accessories. Today we share 5 accessories that you didn’t know were printed in 3D.

In the world of design and the circular economy, 3D printing is replacing mass production for many reasons: it is a much more sustainable method, economical and of course, professional quality.

Faberin’s designers make responsible use of resources, and they are clear: slow-production culture is the key to success. In addition, today’s consumers are more demanding and we want more and more handmade products, responsible and above all personalized.

From Faberin we are aware of an increasingly unstoppable demand, and therefore we focus on creating designs while maintaining the quality of the product, saving on production and ensuring the best distribution. In addition, by incorporating on-demand production, we reduce waste to a minimum, thus generating less environmental impact.

The products we show you today follow Faberin’s corporate culture, and surprisingly they are accessories that you wouldn’t say are printed in 3D.



This 3D printed speaker will change the way you listen to music so far. Not only does it provide an unparalleled sense of stability and aesthetic balance, but it breaks all musical predictions about what a designer speaker should look like.

Its creator, Boštjan Pečnik has managed to create a customizable bluetooth radio that fully adapts to your needs and your living space. In addition, you are free to choose which radio cover you like best, also the front and back material because after all… this design is created by and for you.

The sound in round spaces flows much smoother than in squares, and materials such as industrial foam and sheep’s wool are also used to improve the technical demands of acoustics without breaking away from the principle of ecological stability that moves the designer. Who would say that it has been printed in 3D?

Speaker / Boštjan Pečnik

Speaker / Boštjan Pečnik

Candel Home

Candel is a set of 4 lamps born from the basic principle of lighting. It is ideal for providing a dim ambience to any space, regardless of the environment or style selected. Its designer, Miguel Mojica, has been able to turn minimalism into a work of art. Currently, it is one of the most demanded 3D Accessories. In addition, it is one of the most difficult designs to think that has been created thanks to 3D printing technology.

To purchase it, you can choose the manufacturer yourself: José Carlos Boluda Barbera and Áureo BCN.

Candel Home / Miguel Mojica

Candel Home / Miguel Mojica

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Soul 4.0

Another of the most sought after pieces in 3D decoration is Soul 4.0 . A piece of unique design that through linear games is positioned as the most sophisticated 3D printed vase of the moment. It has been created and manufactured by Francisco José Gómez Velázquez (with the utmost care to ensure that this piece is exactly what you are looking for).

You can find it in different sizes to facilitate its adaptation to all rooms and needs thanks to its modern and contemporary style.

Soul 4.0 / Francisco José Gómez Velázquez

Soul 4.0 / Francisco José Gómez Velázquez


Kenny is the 3D printed lamp everyone talks about. Thanks to its fun and childish design, it is able to turn any child’s room into the perfect territory for living together.

Awaken the imagination of the youngest and fill your home with warm and personal light with this exclusive design designed by Juanny Barceló Borges, and manufactured by Carlos Masso Cuenca.

See for yourself what he is capable of.

Kenny / Juanny Barceló Borges

Kenny / Juanny Barceló Borges


Sviluppo is an Italian metaphor. Its name means progress, and this 3D design piggy bank serves both to advance in the world of design and to keep inside those savings that so many things will allow you to do, this piggy bank has been designed by designer Juanny Barceló Borges, and can be manufactured by two different manufacturers: Sergio Sanz and Francisco José Gómez Velázquez.

Would you have said that it has been created by 3D printing?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned at Faberin, it’s that appearances can be deceiving, even if they’re precious.

Do you want to know more about 3D printing?

Sviluppo / Juanny Barceló Borges

Sviluppo / Juanny Barceló Borges

Words by Laura S.

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