3D PRINTER PARTY 2019: The V edition of the reference party in 3D printing

by Sara S.

3D Printing is not a novelty since it appeared 25 years ago. But if they are a revolution, their new applications: Those who buy their own 3D printer and use it at home or in their small workshop to create new objects and design products at low cost are becoming more and more passionate about this technology.
This revolution is going to radically change the way we market and broaden the product offering.
3D Printer Party is a crucial appointment for the maker world specialized in 3D printing. Since it aims to bring together the major exponents nationwide to discuss, share and disseminate this technology and make Burgos, home of 3D Printer Party 2019, the Spanish capital of 3D Printing.

What to do in the 3D PRINTER PARTY

The 3D Printer Party is a party for those who are passionate about 3D printing. This edition will be held from 17 to 19 May in Burgos and will have a very complete program of activities.

On the one hand, there will be interesting papers from the greatest exponents in this branch of digital manufacturing, where they will talk about their work or developments in the world of 3D printing.

In addition, there will be practical workshops on this new way of manufacturing objects in all fields: design, assembly, machine development and research printing new materials.

Finally, they will complete the program challenges, contests, raffles and the III National Prize of 3D Printing.


3D Printer Party 2018

3D Printer Party 2018

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3D Printer Party 2018

3D Printer Party 2018

León has already hosted two editions of the 3D Printer Party.  The first edition, in 2014, broke all forecasts with more than six thousand visitors without counting the 75 printers running at the same time (50 from fans and 25 from companies).

In April 2015, the second meeting got more than 5,500 visitors and the world record of 3D printers of fans together, with more than 80.

This year promises to be a revolution and exceed all previously set standards.

3d Printer Party 2018

3d Printer Party 2018

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Words by Sara S.

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