10 reasons to upload your designs to Faberin

by Sara S.

Are you a designer and want to turn your designs into products? Imagine breaking down all the barriers that have prevented you from turning your ideas and projects into products for sale. Well… In Faberin it’s possible!

Enter the new digital age, connect your talent with a global factory and worry only about developing your talent and creativity, Faberin helps you to spread it.

With no economic, geographic or logistical barriers, show your talent to the world!

If you are still not convinced, we give you 10 reasons to upload your designs to Faberin:

Design in process by Jose Dueñas, Colombian product designer at Faberin

Design in process by Jose Dueñas, Colombian product designer at Faberin

The first and most important reason:

You can convert your designs into products for sale.

Get ready to realize all those projects that have been held back by external constraints that you couldn’t control. Leave your designs in the hands of professional manufacturers from all over the world who will make them a reality, following each one of your indications and providing them with the added value of handmade work.

And you can do it, too, for free!

Uploading your designs to Faberin is completely free.

Registration on our platform is free and very easy, check it out!

With Faberin, designers not only find the means to realize their ideas, but they do so fully protected, with zero cost and minimal risk. Being part of Faberin is free of charge, it does not require any cost for the designer. And perhaps, you may ask yourself: where does Faberin get its income from, then? Well, you see, our platform gets a percentage of the product price when it is sold. I mean, Faberin only comes in if your design sells. The total price of the product would be calculated from the following formula:


Our maxim is transparency, and that is why we will share all the details of the process with you. Trust and confidence in every relationship we forge is fundamental.

You will have access to a large network of local manufacturers who are specialists in a multitude of branches.

At Faberin, we work day by day to set up an extensive and quality network of local manufacturers. This will give your designs a wide range of professionals from which to choose the one that best suits their nature, materials and needs. Assuring you that the experience of the chosen manufacturer will enrich and add value to your design.

Antonio Pérez, ceramicist at Faberin

Antonio Pérez, ceramicist at Faberin

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But this does not end here….

You will exponentially increase your visibility and that of your designs.

You can be the protagonist of our magazine’The Faberin Magazine’ and appear on all our social networks, accumulating in a single day more than 5000 impressions.

Your designs can reach anywhere in the world.

Thanks to Faberin’s worldwide showcase and the large international network of local manufacturers, your designs can be manufactured and marketed anywhere in the world. Eliminating logistical and geographical barriers.

You will be part of a community around design, from which you will be enriched on a daily basis.

Being part of Faberin will allow you to keep up to date with the latest trends in design, to get to know the new designs and designers that are incorporated into Faberin, but above all, to enrich yourself with the diversity of cultures and styles that exist in a community of designers from all over the world.

Faber meeting between the designer Yukiko Izumi, Vicente Cánovas and the first manufacturers of his design: Fusteria Pou

Faber meeting between the designer Yukiko Izumi, Vicente Cánovas and the first manufacturers of his design: Fusteria Pou

There are still four more reasons….

You will set the value of your designs yourself.

When you upload a design to Faberin, you expect to make a profit on it, thus rewarding all the effort and time invested in creation. At Faberin, we are aware of this and therefore, we give you the power to set your profits.

At Faberin, you set the value of your royalties. In the process of uploading your design you will be able to freely decide the amount of your royalties per piece sold.

Once, sold the piece that reproduces your design…. You can count on your royalties now! Faberin undertakes to provide you with the amount fixed for the part and to pay you for it within 15 days of delivery of the product by the manufacturer.

Find out all about your royalties in ‘Royalties and payments: your profits at Faberin’.

Property rights are always yours.

At Faberin we respect and take care of the intellectual property rights of the products that appear on our website. We make sure that they belong exclusively to the designers, as authors of the designs.

Discover all about intellectual property at Faberin in ‘Intellectual property and your projects at Faberin’.

You will achieve an optimal web positioning, leading the digital market.

In today’s market, online media is fundamental for any company and product. In Faberin, you will get an optimal SEO positioning, this means that in the searches of users your design will appear among the first options, achieving an advantageous position over other competitors.

It’s a bet you can only win on.

Through the meeting that Faberin favours between local designers and manufacturers, we create a fair, friendly and comfortable environment that will only bring you benefits, without any cost or risk.

We will learn from each other and grow together. Our goal is to achieve synergies, many people around the world with something in common: design, do you want to be one of them?

David H. del Valle, industrial designer at Faberin with his'Mortar bishop' design, soon available.

David H. del Valle, industrial designer at Faberin with his'Mortar bishop' design, soon available.

If  you are a furniture, industrial or product designer and want to turn your projects into products for sale, don’t hesitate to join Faberin. Enjoy the advantages to be part of this great community of design lovers. Take the stepShow your talent to the world!

Words by Sara S.

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