10 quotes to meet Andrés Figueroa

by Sara S.

As every week, at Faberin we introduce a new member, either product designer or manufacturer, who joins this great community of design and craft lovers, who fuse their talent to give life to unique objects, full of stories to tell.

In today’s post, we will meet a new designer who joins Faberin to show his talent to the world. We’re talking about the Mexican designer Andrés Figueroa. We will approach his vision and career in the world of product design through 10 sentences that the designer himself has said.

Here we go!

Andrés Figueroa, product designer at Faberin.

Andrés Figueroa, product designer at Faberin.

“Since I was a child I had the desire to create”

Andrés’ passion for design comes from afar as he felt the need to create from an early age. It was during his design studies when he began to draw and develop his ideas with the proposal of manufacturing and materializing them into products.

“I’m part of a generation of designers who mix technology and traditional carpentry work to bring useful objects to life”

Andrés Figueroa studied design at the ‘Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes’ in Mexico, and at the same time trained as an apprentice and put his technique into practice in local carpentry workshops. This experience allowed Andrés to have a balanced vision of design, looking for the quality of the object from the first moment he takes the pencil to design.

“I create objects full of testimony”

The Mexican designer wants each of the objects he designs to tell a story, and that story is the one that connects the ultimate owner with his designs. It is this added value of the objects that gives them a special value and makes them unique pieces.

Detail of the table 'Estefanía' by Andrés Figueroa

Detail of the table 'Estefanía' by Andrés Figueroa

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“I’m trying to get my designs to talk about how they were made”

The links we establish with the objects are key in the Mexican designer’s creation process, as it is one of his main inspirations when designing. The designer has the responsibility to create an object that will become part of our daily lives.

“I rely on exploration and experimentation to enrich my work”

Andrés is an enthusiastic supporter of seeking and experimenting as a source of inspiration for his creative work. It does not believe in trends, but in design that moves away from that protagonism to focus on its functionality and usefulness.

“I’m moved by good sense, quality and usefulness when it comes to design”

The Mexican designer doesn’t like ornaments. Their designs always seek the highest quality, that connect with their owner and that have a useful function in our lives. These are the values that we will find in each of Andrés’ creations.

Part of the'Estefanía' table by Andrés Figueroa

Part of the'Estefanía' table by Andrés Figueroa

“It’s very important to know all the stages of a product’s manufacture”

Thanks to the experience that the designer has had in carpentry workshops, he has been able to understand all the phases of creation of a product or object, from the moment the idea is born in the designer’s head to its manufacture and sale.

“In carpentry work every step is a challenge to overcome”

For Andrés, the design of any product is a path to learn from and each step serves to overcome the previous one, just as it happens in the carpentry work or manufacture of a product. This difficulty makes the final result more satisfactory.

“In my designs I integrate the precision of technology with the awareness of traditional processes.”

Specifically, Andrés Figueroa refers to the multi-context table `Estefanía’, designed to accompany you at any place and time of your life, so that you can enjoy the small pleasures of life together with it.

“For me, design is the expression of ideas turned into objects”

Andrés understands the process of designing as the materialization of the idea in a concrete object that has a clear function in our life. The value of the object is determined by its usefulness.

View the table ‘Estefanía’ by designer Andrés Figueroa at Faberin

Andrés Figueroa already knows the advantages of converting his designs into exclusive products for sale at Faberin. If, like him, you are passionate about designing and projecting your ideas into reality, don’t hesitate to join Faberin, take the step: show your talent to the world.

We are waiting for you!

Words by Sara S.

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