10 design quotes to meet Yukiko Izumi

by Sara S.

“Your sensitivity to design depends on where you were born and raised, your family and the environment in which you grew up”, what do you think of this statement? Our protagonist today tells us that in her case, the personal environment in which she grew up had nothing to do with art and design, which may explain her external attraction to cultural inspirations and traditions. /en

She is the furniture designer Yukiko Izumi, who joins Faberin to share her designs with us and the world, turning them into products for sale globally. Yukiko is also a design teacher who complements her training and knowledge in the world of design from another perspective.

This Japanese designer is characterized by her continuous interest in learning, which has led her to become nourished in different subjects and cultures. Yukiko certainly has a lot to share. But, first of all, let’s get to know him through 10 sentences that the designer herself has said.

Here we go!

Yukiko Izumi, furniture designer at Faberin

Yukiko Izumi, furniture designer at Faberin

“My initial contact with art and design was a lucky little event”.

Yukiko tells us that when she was 12, her family moved to Rhode Island, USA for 10 months because of her father’s job. During this brief residence in the United States, full of cultural clashes, he realized that his Japanese origin was unique. Since then, that awareness has inspired every single one of his design works.

“I place a high value on gaining knowledge from everyday life experiences and learning about new cultures”.

Yukiko Izumi defines herself as a challenger and learner in life. He tells us that when he was young he didn’t like to study. But, on the contrary, he loved to take classes to gain new knowledge and broaden his understanding and vision of the world, he was passionate and enriched by gaining new perspectives.

In times when you are doing worse or facing failure, you are confident that every experience will help you. It is this belief that drives him to keep trying and jump to a new challenge.

“I found my dream of becoming a designer and design teacher”.

After graduating in Wooden furniture design at Bunka Gakuen University, she worked as an assistant professor of interior and furniture design at the same university in Tokyo for 5 years, taught basic design, wood furniture design and 3D programs. Sometimes she had to support more than 100 students at a time, which was more than an impediment, it was stimulating for Yukiko to find inspiration in the flexible, unique and different ideas that her students offered her.

While working as a teacher she realized that design not only makes beautifully shaped products, but also offers solutions for people in need or facing problems. This dream encouraged him to move and study in Denmark, where he would find a high quality education in art and design.

Yukiko Izumi, furniture designer, working on one of her projects

Yukiko Izumi, furniture designer, working on one of her projects

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“My training from Japan to Denmark has been very varied in the field of design”.

Yukiko Izumi is a multi-disciplinary and versatile designer who has drawn on a wide range of subjects in the field of design. She studied industrial design, interior design, wood furniture design, graphic design, packaging design, logo design, and more. After finishing her studies in Denmark, and enriched herself with experience and knowledge in different aspects of design she started working as a freelance designer.

I decided to choose “studio bridge” as my company name.

As a freelance designer, she opened her own design studio. This study took the name Studio Bridge and Yukiko explains why: “A bridge plays an important role in linking regions, nations and other cultures and ideas. In addition, a bridge is a large structure made up of many small parts.

In this way, it aims to reflect its desire to become a bridge between Japan and Denmark through the introduction and connection of culture and design. In addition, he finds in all his design works supporting parts of a bridge for people. All the lowercase letters of studio bridge explain his humble gesture of not acting proudly, but still keeping the mind of a beginner.

“My work experience has changed a lot”.

Yukiko Izumi has a long and diverse career in the world of design. He started designing logos for private companies, editing promotional videos and posters. Later, he worked as a key account manager at a Japanese wellness furniture design company. From this experience, he gained valuable knowledge about wellness designs for the elderly and disabled, and how design solutions can directly improve people’s lives.

Recently, it has designed packaging for Christmas decoration using Japanese wooden crafts. For this project entitled ‘Kumiko‘, he has sought to transform traditional Japanese crafts and techniques to adapt and apply them to a modern lifestyle. This is your current approach to design.


Yukiko Izumi, furniture designer at Faberin

Yukiko Izumi, furniture designer at Faberin

“For me, a primary definition of design is a solution to a variety of life problems”.

Yukiko Izumi conceives design as the solution to a specific need or problem that can transform people’s lives to improve them. He considers that this is one of the most important aspects when it comes to conceiving his way of designing, the fact that his design will make people feel happy and develop a good interaction with the product.

“My design principles are beauty, simplicity and efficiency, with a bit of playful humor to bring a smile to someone’s face”.

Yukiko tells us that during her experience at her exhibitions in Milan and Denmark, she discovered that good design can leave a lasting impression on people. Making their faces into happy smiles. This moved him and made him equally happy. From that moment on, his goal is to repeat these incredible interactions through his design work.

“I am attracted to the material qualities of wood, paper and leather”.

The Japanese designer confesses that she finds in these materials the qualities of a warm and friendly environment. In addition, he finds that these materials accumulate, with daily use, wear and tear that results in color changes, scratches and scars. These marks tell the story of the materials, making the furniture they materialize into a personal and unique object in the world.

In addition, Yukiko Izumi’s design is inspired by cultural references and traditional people. Instead of having an admiration for a specific designer, Yukiko is influenced by art and design from all over the world, both historical and contemporary.

“I wish the complicated demands of people’s daily lives could be made easier through ‘Sen'”.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, furniture designer Yukiko Izumi has joined with Faberin to share her talent with the world and turn her designs into products for sale around the world. Well, now we can tell you about his first design for Faberin: it is ‘Sen‘.

Sen’ is a modern and functional design screen that helps you to dress every morning.

The design idea came from de Byobu. Byobu is a Japanese screen that consists of a wooden frame covered with thick Japanese paper. It is used as a decorative screen or space separator. With the idea of transforming this traditional Japanese product into a modern everyday product,’Sen’ was born.

In ‘Sen’ we find three elements:

1.The frame.

‘Sen’ has a wooden frame on which clothes are hung next to the mirror, which allows them to be easily attached. In addition, the wooden frame is shaped like a picture frame. If you hang your favorite canvas or fabric, it becomes a work of art within the frame. You will be able to discover the beauty in everyday objects, finding another perspective of your personal objects.

2. The leather hinge.

Today the interior space of an urban house has become much smaller. We need to use that space more efficiently. This hinge has a unique shape inspired by the Japanese paper partition hinge. It is capable of opening 360°. When not in use, it can be folded up, saving space in your room. In addition, the panels can be easily added or subtracted by adjusting the leather hinge.

3. The design.

It’s very simple and clean. It adapts to all types of occasions and environments such as an office, a home, fashionable shops, etc. Sometimes this furniture helps coordinate your fashion. Other times it becomes a septum. It can rest on the wall or simply become a unique and elegant piece of furniture in your room.

Discover ‘Sen’ in Faberin

After knowing part of what Yukiko Izumi is like as a designer and meeting ‘Sen’ we can tell you that it is now available in our exclusive product catalogue and we can fully enjoy its history, elegance and functionality.

If, like Yukiko Izumi, you are a furniture, industrial or product designer and want to turn your projects into products for sale, don’t hesitate to join Faberin. Enjoy the advantages to be part of this great community of design lovers. Take the step: Show your talent to the world!

Words by Sara S.

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