5 Simple Decoration Ideas for This Halloween 2019 / DIY Do it yourself

Here are 5 simple decorating ideas for Halloween 2019 that you can make yourself. And that will give that touch to the halloween party, without […]

Decorate your home this Halloween with these fun accessories

From Faberin we have made a selection of the funniest accessories to decorate your home on Halloween, the famous witch’s night. Will your body withstand […]


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  • Tea table

    The “Tea table” design table consists of a versatile piece of furniture: a folding table with an extendable lift type that can be used as […]

  • Littlemissunshine

    Littlemissunshine is a design table lamp designed by Marco Fiorentino. The Littlemissunshine project derives from the desire to have a lamp that adapts to multiple […]

  • Lasernox 6 Cup Hanger

    The Lasernox 6 Cup Hanger allows you to place the accessible cups without getting in the way. Its unique design makes it easy to hang […]

  • Lasernox Tea Light Stand

    Lasernox Tea Light Stand can hold a 38mm (1-1/2″) diameter tea light with a metal cap. It is characterized by its clean and continuous contours […]