Trends in decoration 2019: Kenny, the lamp of the moment

Faberin never ceases to surprise us with new designs full of imagination. This is how Kenny was born, an original product designed by Juanny Barceló […]

Manufacturing with biodegradable materials – Trends 2019

ssFrom Faberin it is clear to us that in the manufacture of products, your materials take on special importance. Especially in an era in which […]

Trends in CNC kitchen tools

From Faberin we know that technologies change the way we consume and also the way we live. That is why kitchen utensils have evolved both […]

10 design quotes to meet Yukiko Izumi

“Your sensitivity to design depends on where you were born and raised, your family and the environment in which you grew up”, what do you […]


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  • Jarry

    Jarry is a piece of artistic and timeless design where the water “rests”, it is, the place of water. A decorative jar ready to conquer […]

  • Both

    Both, the molecular representation of water transformed into a product. A bathroom set of three pieces of ceramic combining a soap dish, a brush holder […]

  • Bloo

    Bloo is a designer stool designed by the designer Jordi Veytia, composed of steel on its original legs and the seat is composed entirely of […]

  • Nolt

    The sofá Nolt is an author’s design piece, devised by the Brazilian product designer Ricardo Moratti . Manufactured in wood natural and suitable for areas […]