Sustainable designs: the secret of fashionable success

Sustainable design is one of the most important factors within Faberin. Sustainability is the balance of a species with the resources of its environment, this […]

Demoiselle S 3D: the classic that never goes out of style

From Faberin we know that it is not easy to choose the designs that are going to be part of our daily life. There are […]

#Faberindeco: How to decorate a small terrace

Decorating a small terrace has become one of the most sought-after topics in summer. Among the most sought-after trends in interior design, products in lighting, […]

Special 3D lighting: The best selection in designer lamps

Summer seems to be the favourite time to illuminate spaces in a more special way. Terraces, beach bars, even balconies and terraces seem to take […]

Fablabs: The secret of its success in the world of design

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Since the beginning of Faberin, we have thought it appropriate to highlight the importance of the Fablab, i.e. the […]

Lil: the designer lamp that breaks with established schemes

At Faberin we are aware of the importance of manufacturing and the process of creating the product before presenting it to the consumer. For this […]

The role of women in the world of design

At Faberin we value the great influence and presence of women in the field of design. There are many design schools presided over by women […]

Creativity without limits: Jaime Ruiz, Faberin’s new designer who sweeps everything away

At Faberin we know how important it is to have a designer who brings creativity and that curious point to each product. That’s why Jaime […]

Trends in decoration 2019: Kenny, the lamp of the moment

Faberin never ceases to surprise us with new designs full of imagination. This is how Kenny was born, an original product designed by Juanny Barceló […]

Manufacturing with biodegradable materials – Trends 2019

ssFrom Faberin it is clear to us that in the manufacture of products, your materials take on special importance. Especially in an era in which […]

Trends in CNC kitchen tools

From Faberin we know that technologies change the way we consume and also the way we live. That is why kitchen utensils have evolved both […]

10 design quotes to meet Yukiko Izumi

“Your sensitivity to design depends on where you were born and raised, your family and the environment in which you grew up”, what do you […]


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  • Lasernox 4 Mug Hanger

    The Lasernox 4 Mug Hanger makes it possible to place the accessible cups without getting in the way. In addition, its unique hook design facilitates […]

  • Cube

    ‘Cube’ is a design devised by the Portuguese designer Nelson de Araújo, inspired by Salvador Dalí’s phrase that reads: “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never […]

  • Tissue

    It is a set of three pots inspired by the fabric of nature and the growth of plants. Tissue, mixes the elegance of ceramics with […]

  • The U joint

    The U joint’ is a collection of three design shelves made of walnut and light oak wood and designed by Italian product designer Simone Affabris. […]