What design for Faberin?

It’s no wonder that consumers are becoming more and more demanding with the designs they purchase. Times change and the needs of the design world […]

Sintonía: The dishes that will make your establishment triumphant

Many establishments use original crockery to stand out from the competition. From Faberin, we present Sintonía, crockery for the hotel industry that will leave you […]

Sofia and Tito: The authors of the most exclusive dishes are already in Faberin.

In Faberin we believe in inspiration as the main source of energy that gives life to all the designs with what we have achieved. Thanks […]

Don’t Cry: the cup that will give you something to talk about in your business

Don’t cry will become the key for everyone to talk about the place with the most original cup of the moment. It is increasingly important […]

Mondema Artesanos: The most ethical and innovative side of craftsmanship

The profession of the maker and that of the product craftsman is becoming more and more important. This is why at Faberin we value the […]

Wave Live: the ceramic acoustic amplifier of the moment

There are so many ideas carried out by the most music fanatics to give their home a different musical touch, that the world of design […]

Trends in decoration for designers that will sweep away

At Faberin we have been spectators of the extraordinary boom that product designers have experienced over time. This is not only due to the creation […]

Royalties: The key to your sales success

Our daily work and collaboration with designers from all over the world, allows us to know what worries you as professionals. It allows us to […]

Sen: the most groundbreaking Japanese minimalism

At Faberin we have always thought that minimalism and simplicity are two traits that never go out of fashion in interior furniture. Sen is a […]


From haute cuisine chefs to restaurants that value exclusive design to airbnb hosters...

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    Portugal is well-known for its literature, exporting books and remarkable authors to other countries. Books count stories of endless possibilities. The Page sideboard furniture design […]

  • Sun Bear

    The ‘Sun Bear’ design lamp from the Danish design studio ‘Urbanbear’ was designed by the designers Esben Lyhne and Asbjørn Mejlvang as a reading lamp […]

  • Arnò C

    Arnò C is a coffee table characterized by irregular, unpredictable and free lines. To bring an aesthetic break in the environment and communicate a loose […]

  • Tame

    Tame is a seat, a table, a shelf and much more thanks to its modular design. Starting with a Tame unit, you can stack one […]