10 quotes to meet Simone Affabris

by Rocío M.

Like every week, we like to tell you the story of a new member who joins Faberin, whether he is a product designer or a maker, and offers his talent for creating unique objects and pieces, which you will only find here. This week we introduce you to the Italian designer, Simone Affabris, based in Sweden. Through 10 sentences of Simone’s own we will learn a little more about his experience in the world of design and what motivates him when it comes to creating objects, specifically, design furniture.

Don’t wait any longer to meet Simone!

Simone Affabris, product designer at Faberin

Simone Affabris, product designer at Faberin

“I try to apply the sense of aesthetics in my creations”

I am a 27 year old product designer, who has been lucky enough to be born in Venice, a city rich in traditions and with a great sense of beauty. This has helped me to look for the aesthetic character of each of the designs I make, not just the functionality.

“After living in Italy and Sweden, I’ve focused on furniture design.”

From an early age, I began to experiment with illustration and craftsmanship, and since then I have had a desire to create new products or illustrate stories. Designing is something I’ve been doing since I was a kid.

“I’ve always felt the need to excel myself when designing”

Although I was curious about creative disciplines from an early age, I decided to make my passion my life. I studied Industrial Design in Venice, and later, a Masters in Swedish furniture design in Sweden. Thanks to my studies I have been able to learn a lot from all the people I have worked with and to evolve professionally.

Simone Affabris working on a design

Simone Affabris working on a design

“I have contributed to the realization of several projects that are already on the market”

I have worked in two studios that have allowed me to collaborate in very interesting projects, with which I have enjoyed a lot. During the two years I have been collaborating with young designers, I have been able to work with different materials such as metal, plastic, wood and 3D renderings.

“When I design objects I think about sustainability and its adaptability to human beings.”

What inspires me when it comes to creating products, such as the ‘Plugtable’, is the relationship it will establish with the environment and with the human being. That’s why since I started designing, all my efforts have been focused on product design.

“We need to think and develop projects focused on respect for the environment”

Nowadays, designers cannot neglect the environmental aspect of materials and take it into account when designing products. It is our responsibility to design the complete life cycle of a product, being aware of its recycling process.

'Plugtable', designed by Simone Affabris

'Plugtable', designed by Simone Affabris

“The designer must solve other aspects of the product such as transport and assembly.”

With the ‘Plugtable’, I tried to simplify as much as possible some aspects that are sometimes ‘problematic’, such as transport and assembly.

“Living in Sweden has taught me to simplify the aesthetics of objects”

Scandinavian design has always fascinated me. In particular, the ability of Swedish designers to create wonderful and elegant products and objects, using very few decorative elements and a simple range of colours.

“When I design I try to find intelligent solutions”

In the design process of’Plugtable’, I tried to find an interesting solution to its assembly, through all the pieces that make up a table, also thinking about recycling.

“I tend to simplify my designs”

Perhaps influenced by the Nordic design, I like to reduce unnecessary ornaments in my designs, until I get to the main structure, without losing the aesthetic character, but without overloading them.

Detail from 'Plugtable', designed by Simone Affabris

Detail from 'Plugtable', designed by Simone Affabris

If you liked this beautiful table, with a sustainable and environmentally friendly design, we have some good news for you, because ‘Plugtable’ will soon be available at Faberin, in our exclusive products catalogue

Without a doubt, Simone’s story is that of an product designer committed to the environment, who seeks to simplify human life through the objects he designs. If, like him, you are a product designer and want to turn your designs into products for sale, don’t wait any longer and don’t hesitate to join Faberin.

Words by Rocío M.

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