The secret of Bellon Alfareros handcrafted decorative ceramics

Tradition and innovation in a single product? This is the result of the work of Bellón Alfareros, a family company of handcrafted decorative ceramics with […]

Brass and Crystal: craftsmanship in lamp manufacturing

A family business born of effort and dedication. The experience of a man who learned the particularities of lamp making from the apprentice trade. Projects […]

Edu Sánchez: Ecodesign and Sustainability

“Many small people, in small places, doing small things can change the world,” Eduardo Galeano’s beautiful quote  identifies Edu‘s work as a maker and designer […]

Mikko Hannula: Renewing Nordic Design

“Integrating design into life “, the motto of Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 project, describes the kind of Nordic design that Finnish Mikko Hannula follows. Functional, elegant […]

Bankrobber: a renovated classic

“My daddy was a bank robber but he never hurt nobody…” A story that brings together The Clash, a lamp and bank robbers, do you […]

LoneLamp: Social Awareness

How do you feel about a product transmitting more than the geometry and functionality for which it was designed? On many occasions, product designers bring […]

Javier Mañas: Design and Selfproduction

This time we introduce you to the industrial and product designer Javier Mañas, who will accompany us on this journey we are undertaking. This designer […]

Phebos Xenakis: New Talent

We continue discovering new designers, in this case a talent such as the Belgian Phebos Xenakis who, with just 24 years old, already has two […]

Lenka Czereova: Sustainable Design

This post is the beginning of a section that we hope you will enjoy and find as attractive as we do, it is a space […]

Faberin: Road to Sustainability

At Faberin we believe that the change we want in the world begins with ourselves and with our way of working. Sustainability, therefore, is one […]

What is Faberin?

Faberin arises from the innovative desire to create a unique, friendly and collaborative space where product designers, manufacturers and consumers meet. In Faberin you will […]

Achodoso says “Yes” to Faberin

With today’s post, we are opening our section ‘faber-encounter’ in which we will bring you designers, artisans (makers) and lovers of unique style furniture. On […]

Discover the secrets behind Maggie

Today is a special day. It is a special day because it is time to present the first product you will be able to get […]

Mortar Alfil: Own identity

We like to know the stories behind the creations because somehow they become part of our lives the moment we decide to acquire them. In […]

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