Juan Antonio Romero and his vision of craftsmanship and design

André Ricard, pioneer of industrial design in Spain, raised the idea that designer and craftsman could become the perfect couple. The craftsman would contribute his […]

Pedro Luis Carretero: Personality in every design

Faberin is born with the mission of taking the design to any corner of the world, eliminating any existing barrier between who has an idea […]

Nelson González: Design and eco-efficiency

As well as, each designer reflects a little of it in each of his creations and projects. We think, each of them reflects a little […]

Wai Ho Cheung: Balance between functionality and aesthetics

Continuing with our intention that you know us and our mission, today we want to introduce you to a new member of this great community […]

Manuel Martínez: elegant and timeless lighting design.

As you know, Faberin is based on three main pillars: Designers of product, furniture and even industrial designers who share their designs with us, setting […]

10 quotes to meet the product designer Pepe Sanmartín

One more day, we want to talk to you about this great community of designers, local manufacturers and designers which is Faberin. Well, we’d like […]

‘Horrillo carpentry’ and its three pillars: Experience, customization and quality.

In Faberin we work daily to build a community around design, where confidence, transparency and quality are the primary values. Therefore, it is essential for […]

‘Faber encounter’ at Joan Pou’s workshop with Japanese designer Yukiko Izumi.

As you know, we love the connections that are created between members of Faberin, a platform that brings together designers, local manufacturers and design lovers […]

Jose Dueñas and biodesign: Nature as the protagonist.

Following our intention to introduce you to Faberin, today we would like to introduce you to a new member of this great community of design […]

Antonio Pérez: a renewed vision of ceramics.

As you know, we believe that the connection between the members of this great community is fundamental. It is vital for us that you know […]

Francisco Gómez: Design and craftsmanship from diversity.

Faberin, a global design platform, continues to grow day by day, becoming, little by little, a meeting place where designers, makers and design lovers come […]

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